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Wednesday , 22 February 2017

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Sprawl or containment? Housing affordability question continues to divide

There is an ad running on TV these days for a certain type of car. It poses the question, are you really getting a “good deal” if it’s for something you don’t actually want, even if it is cheap? Since one good question often leads to another, that one makes us think about housing. Is it really better, more affordable, to live in a cheap home if that home is far from where a person works and requires a lengthy daily commute, high transportation costs, and may lead to other problems that outweigh the supposed benefits? Housing affordability is a much-discussed problem in many cities around the world, including Toronto. ... Read More »

Canada’s tourism industry on a feel-good high with second-best ever year

For an example of how important image is in marketing, just look at what happened to the tourism industry in the United States after the terrorist attacks on New York City in September 2001. In the decade following the 9/11 attacks, US tourism suffered a loss of $600 billion in revenues, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council. It took fifteen years, until 2016, to get international tourism numbers back up to pre-attack levels. The US tourist industry refers to a “lost decade” of economic stagnation during which the industry struggled to convince the world that the US really was open for business and wanted tourists to return. Probably ... Read More »

Tridel company shows environmental leadership with textile recycling program

This may surprise you: the second most polluting industry in the world, after oil production, is—fashion. More specifically, textiles. According to the advocacy group Circle Economy, when you consider the heavy use of resources, including land, water, energy and chemicals, required to produce textile fibres, and the fact that so much of the final product is quickly discarded, after having been shipped vast distances on fossil-fuel-burning container ships, in the “fast-fashion model” of production and consumption, you have enormous amounts of textile waste and unsustainable resource depletion. Global textile production is already at about 90 million tonnes per year, the group says, the equivalent of 80 billion garments. And that ... Read More »

City’s newest art museum gets $5.1 million, now hiring

New York has its MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), and Toronto will soon have MOCA. The city’s newest art museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, is getting $5.1 million from a federal government fund for cultural spaces. The museum is so new that it hasn’t opened yet. The money will go to transforming 55,000 square feet, on five floors of heritage-designated industrial space, into a museum-grade new forum for contemporary art. A statement from the chair of MOCA’s board said it will be an inclusive home for contemporary art in Toronto, that will reflect the city’s reputation “as one of the best places in the world to think, create and ... Read More »

Healthy or hot, experts differ on where Toronto’s housing market is headed

Rising housing prices in Toronto and the surrounding area bring out a wide range of opinions and explanations from observers such as bankers, ratings agencies, politicians and urban planners. Everyone agrees that home prices have gone up rapidly, but that is about all they agree on. An economist at BMO says the city is in a real estate bubble. The mayor says no it’s not. So does the city’s chief planner. And the international ratings agency Fitch classifies the entire country’s real estate market as unsustainable. All of them speak of supply and demand, which  drive every market, but how do they play out in this one? First the banker. ... Read More »

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