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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: September 2016

Cities are good for mental health and happiness, but only if designed properly

One of the popular stereotypes of modern life is of the lonely, misunderstood, marginalized and possibly crazy person, living a life of despair and poverty in the big city. Such people do exist. But the city as metaphor for alienation and inhuman living conditions represents only one facet of the very complex set of conditions that define urban life. A new study of how urban life affects the sanity and mental health of residents finds that city living has mixed mental health impacts. Yes, living in a city can increase psychosis, mood disorder, and drug addiction among some, but it also leads to lower suicide rates and greater happiness for ... Read More »

Province announces first of grocery stores to sell wine, beginning Oct 28

The province of Ontario has released the names of the first grocery stores that will be allowed to sell wine. The stores were selected through a competitive bidding process held by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. The statement from the Ministry of Finance says that the selected stores reflect a mix of independent and large grocers and geographic representation to ensure fairness. Both domestic and imported wine will be available inside up to seventy grocery stores, beginning on October 28. Grocery stores that will begin selling wine in Ontario Canex Canadian Forces Exchange System Coppa’s Fresh Market Farm Boy 2012 Inc. Fresh Market Foods Highland Farms Inc. Loblaws Inc. ... Read More »

Canadian homeowners want more storage space, while Hong Kong residents just want space!

The words “home improvement” are pretty familiar, and one might think that they would mean more or less the same thing to everyone, regardless of what country they lived in, or what kind of home they had. Look a little deeper, though, and it turns out that people have very different ideas about how to improve their homes. In fact, given the incredible differences among homeowners in various countries, differences which are further magnified according to age and sex, it’s almost incredible that any two people living in the same home could ever agree on whether to go out and buy a new couch, a new sound system or a ... Read More »

Ontario named best province for investing by development publication

Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development and Growth, Brad Duguid, must be feeling pretty good today. Site Selection, a high-profile American publication that targets the real estate and  development industry, did a feature on Canadian competitiveness in its latest issue. It named Ontario the best place in Canada to invest. Ontario, it says,  is the top-performing province in economic development based on Site Selection’s “tallies and per-capita calculations” related to corporate facility location and investments in expansion over the past twelve months. In its statement about the recognition, the ministry notes that Ontario cities had twice as much investment project activity as in any other province. Half of all of Canada’s ... Read More »

New home composter is beautifully designed, odourless, easy to maintain

Here’s another attempt to convince urban-dwelling people of the world that they should compost their kitchen waste. This one, called the Biovessel, is from a company based in Taiwan, and it has one big advantage over most of the other composting kits that are available: this one looks good. While most composters designed for city people who don’t have backyards are pretty basic, usually looking something like a garbage bin, this one has great design and was crafted to sit on a tabletop or kitchen counter, not on the floor in some out-of-sight corner. Keeping in mind that composting requires the activity of earthworms and certain micro-organisms, it’s a fair ... Read More »

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