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Saturday , 25 March 2017

Monthly Archives: September 2016

Canadians prefer to shop locally, but not at any price

If good intentions were all that counted, small retail businesses in Canada would be in excellent shape. The majority of Canadians (82 per cent) say they understand that by patronising a local business they are making an important contribution to the local economy. Even more (88 per cent) understand that local businesses contribute to the neighbourhood’s environment in a positive way. A sizable majority of Canadian say they would prefer to live close to local businesses and would rather shop locally than at large retailers. Clearly, Canadians are on side when it comes to supporting small businesses and local economies. How fortunate for small business owners! But . . . ... Read More »

In private rentals, landlords need to choose carefully

Rightly or wrongly, landlords do not get much sympathy from the public, especially from those who rent. Most of the complaints filed by tenants are against small private landlords, the ones who rent out a flat in their house or a basement apartment or room. According to a recent study in the UK, one million private renters reported their landlords for breaking the law last year, mostly in the form of entering tenants’ premises without permission. Many private renters also complained that they were unable to get their initial deposit back when they ended their tenancy. But there is another side to the story, as we saw in the news ... Read More »

Tridel named 2016 Ontario Home Builder of the Year

Tridel, Canada’s pre-eminent condominium developer, was named Ontario Home Builder of the Year by the Ontario Home Builders’ Association at its twenty-fifth annual Awards of Distinction last week. The designation “Home Builder of the Year” is the highest honour the industry can bestow, and it is not the first time Tridel has earned it. The award reflects the high value placed on community service, community building, customer care, and professional involvement in an industry that is uniquely defined by its community-building ethos. In selecting the winner, judges consider the nominee’s performance in sales and customer service, its innovation in building design and sustainability, its involvement in the wider community through ... Read More »

Ontario realtors against foreign buyer tax despite BC getting desired result

There’s evidence that BC’s new foreign buyer tax is working to stop foreign buyers from buying BC real estate. Purchases of residential real estate in British Columbia fell from 1,974 sales from June 10 to August 1, to just sixty sales in the period from August 2–31. In dollars, foreign investment plunged from $2.2 billion to just $17 million. In Vancouver, foreign sales fell from 508 in the period before the tax to fourteen from August 2 to 31. In BC, Premier Christy Clark said the impact of the tax had been “dramatic,” and that was what BC residents wanted. According to the Vancouver Sun, Clark said that the middle ... Read More »

Condominium developers in the GTA have reason to be happy; low-rise home builders not so much, for August was a month of records for new home sales, not all of them good. High-rise homes are riding high, with 1,880 new units sold in August for a year-to-date total of 17,949. This was the highest number of new condo sales ever for the usually slow month of August, according to Altus Group, the market intelligence provider for the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). But sales of new low-rise homes also hit a record low, with just 491 sales in August, a drop of 44 per cent from last year. ... Read More »

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