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Sunday , 26 March 2017

Monthly Archives: July 2016

Toronto’s condo builders managing well, little sign of overbuilding: CMHC

Canada’s national housing agency, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has concluded that, on the whole, Toronto’s condominium builders know what they are doing. While it was true in the past, notably in the 1980s, that some condo developers, caught up in a rapidly expanding, speculative real estate market, rushed into building too many units without first ensuring that they would sell, this is not generally true today. Most condominium projects start construction only after 70 per cent of units are pre-sold, and the absorption rate for new condos over the period studied was more than 80 per cent. In some “rare” instances, large, reputable developers who had several projects ... Read More »

Film, TV industry booming as two more high-profile shows set to shoot in Toronto

When President Obama addressed our parliament a few weeks ago, he commented, speaking about the family-like closeness of the relationship between our two countries, which is “so remarkable precisely because it seems so unremarkable,” on how often it is that Americans are surprised to learn that their favourite actor or singer turns out to be Canadian. He didn’t mention it in his speech, but it has also been true over the years that some of the most iconic, quintessentially American characters, both real and fictional—Abraham Lincoln, Captain Kirk, Jack Bauer—have been played by Canadians on the screen. And now it is about to happen again. The creator of the Jack ... Read More »

Realtors in US say new condo law eases purchase restrictions, helps buyers

It isn’t often that bills are passed in the US Congress by unanimous consent, but one such bill has done so, not without a prod from the real estate industry. The bill, H.R. 3700, passed unanimously in the House of Representatives last February, then moved up to the Senate, where it reportedly ran up against inertia. The reason the real estate industry became involved is that the bill, named the “Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act,” eases restrictions on how condominiums are financed. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) organized a Call for Action, whereby all realtors can send an email to the Senate, asking members to hurry up and pass ... Read More »

Hardhat tours available at Tridel’s near-complete Atria condos in North York

Tridel is inviting interested homebuyers to book a hardhat tour of its best-selling condominium community, Atria. Atria is a master-planned community from Tridel Dorsay, conveniently located on Sheppard Avenue just east of highway 404 (the DVP) and north of the 401. There are four condominium buildings at Atria—Trio (23 storeys), Alto (43 storeys), Parkside (8 storeys) and Parfait (19 storeys). Two of them, Alto and Parkside at Atria, are under construction and getting close to move-in ready. The move-in date for Parkside is this year; move-in for Trio is spring 2017 and for Parfait 2019. Tridel has three decorator-designed model suites ready to view at Alto and Parkside at Atria. ... Read More »

“Generation Snowflake” aka Millennials lack gumption, confidence in economy

Marketers, retailers, and employers are obsessed with Millennials, but who are they, really? They are undeniably important simply because there are so many of them, about 9.5 million in Canada in 2015, which is almost exactly equal to the number of boomers. While they make up about 27 per cent of the population, they now dominate the labour force, occupying 37 per cent of jobs in this country (Environics numbers). Where they lag is in household formation. Despite their huge numbers, a large percentage (47 per cent) of Millennials, meaning those aged roughly 15–35, still live with their parents. As of 2015, only 19 per cent of households in Canada ... Read More »

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