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Sunday , 26 March 2017

Monthly Archives: May 2016

Canadians rate water #1 natural resource, climate change its biggest threat

Clean air is the dominant environmental news item today in Ontario, with the legislature passing new climate change legislation aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions. But clean water is also on people’s minds, according to RBC, which released its latest findings on Canadians’ attitudes towards our water. The ninth annual RBC Canadian Water Attitudes Study finds that we place more value on our water than on any other natural resource in the country, and many of us are worried about how climate change could threaten that resource. In fact, the number of Canadians who see climate change as the number one threat to our fresh water supply has tripled since ... Read More »

Carbon pricing for Ontario as cap and trade bill passes at Queen’s Park

Ontario lawmakers passed the government’s cap and trade legislation today, a key component of its climate change strategy. The government says that “every dollar” of the money raised from the cap and trade program, which could be as much as $1.9 billion in the first year, will be invested in green projects and initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Account. The government plans to link its cap and trade system with those of California and Quebec, forming the biggest carbon market in North America. The Climate Change Mitigation and Low-Carbon Economy Act now only awaits royal assent. The first money is expected to flow into ... Read More »

Gas industry first to criticize Ontario’s leaked climate change plan

It hasn’t been confirmed by the government, and the minister responsible says the cabinet is still talking about it, but a leaked draft of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan is already generating a lot of heat, particularly in the natural gas industry. One of the more far-reaching proposals in the draft is to require all new homes and small buildings built in 2030 or later to be heated without fossil fuels, including natural gas. A reported sum of $3.8 billion would be available to retrofit existing buildings, moving from natural gas to solar, geothermal or other forms of electric heat. The gas industry has already fired off a response reminding ... Read More »

New CIBC app makes mortgages available via smartphones

CIBC has introduced a new stand-alone app called Hello Home™ that lets home buyers apply for, negotiate and receive approval for a mortgage “with just a few taps of a smartphone.” Hello Home users can get help from a mortgage specialist via the app’s messaging function. CIBC says it is the first of its kind in the Canadian market. It was developed by CIBC’s Live labs at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. The bank says it is taking mobile banking to new levels of simplicity and convenience with “next generation” apps like Hello Home, which go beyond basic customer service. Key features include the ability to securely upload photos of ... Read More »

Toronto board launching National Real Estate Day to encourage home ownership

Do we need a National Real Estate Day in Canada? The Toronto Real Estate Board believes so and will launch it tomorrow, May 17. The purpose of the day is to provide a “forum” for all Canadians to discuss “why they love their homes and how home ownership has positively impacted their lives,” according to TREB president Mark McLean. In other words, it’s mainly a marketing tool for the real estate industry, not that it would seem to need it. For anyone up and watching television at that hour, McLean will be on Breakfast Television at 6:20 a.m. to talk about the benefits of home ownership. Canada already has a ... Read More »

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