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Saturday , 25 March 2017

Monthly Archives: May 2016

Signature suites at 10 York from Tridel offer highest level of luxury

One of Toronto’s more unusual condominium buildings is fast taking its place in the city’s impressive skyline. Tridel’s 10 York, that distinctive wedge-shaped structure at the foot of York Street just north of Queen’s Quay, is rising fast. It’s a project that proves you can put an elegant building pretty much anywhere, even on what must have seemed at first an unlikely parcel of land. It looks like it was an inspired choice, now, with its proximity to the waterfront, to the Air Canada Centre (and Jurassic Park), the Rogers Centre, and all the other attractions and city living the area offers. The Signature Suites at 10 York will be ... Read More »

Growth of mobile ad-blocking presents challenge, opportunity for advertisers

Two diametrically opposed visions of the Internet are locked in an arms race that will certainly result in changes to our online experience. The idealistic vision sees the Internet as a happy, wholesome place where creators and their audiences can meet, and where those audiences can support the creators “directly and sustainably” if they so choose. The other vision is one where the idea of great content has got lost in the “clickbait headlines and slideshow articles” that dominate the web, all with the goal of generating advertising revenues. Creativity, freedom of expression, openness, and community, versus big bad spoilsport advertising: which side will prevail? This topic is in the news again ... Read More »

CMHC reports continued strength in Canada’s housing market, mortgage business

Canada’s national housing agency continues to decrease its exposure to the residential housing market, reporting a $6 billion drop in the total insurance-in-force at the end of the first quarter of 2016. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has been reducing that exposure since 2013, and has now cut it to $520 billion. The legislated ceiling for CMHC’s insurance-in-force is $600 billion. During the first quarter, 83,000 new residential mortgages were insured in Canada, the average insured amount being $242,367. The agency praised Canadian homebuyers, saying that they showed a “strong ability to manage their debts.” The average credit score for those seeking mortgage loans from CMHC was 747, which ... Read More »

Canada falling behind in IT due to slow broadband, lack of coding in schools

Too many Canadian companies are not equipped to compete in the digital economy because of lack of access to high-speed Internet and a shortage of skilled workers in the IT sector. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) says in a new report, From Broadband Access to Smart Economies, that Canada is falling behind the rest of the world, earning just a C grade from the Conference Board of Canada, in building critical infrastructure, in R&D investment, and in commercialization of new products. While Canada has seen “minor improvements” in connectivity, other countries have “leapfrogged” ahead in recent years. More worrying, there are even signs of “incremental and persistent declines” in ... Read More »

Property Assessment Notices are in the mail for Toronto home owners

One of the benefits of being a property owner in a market like Toronto is that one can be fairly certain that the value of the property will increase, in some cases rather quickly. On the other hand, as a property’s assessed value goes up, so may the taxes on it. Every four years, the city determines the current value assessment (CVA) of every residential property, then informs the owners how that assessed value will affect their property taxes over the next four years. Today is the day the city began mailing a 2016 Property Assessment Notice to every property owner. Increases in assessment value are phased in over the ... Read More »

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