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Saturday , 25 March 2017

Monthly Archives: April 2016

Competition Tribunal finds Toronto Real Estate Board anti-competitive

Protecting consumers’ privacy or acting with “malice and forethought” to stifle competition? Helping consumers get the best available information, or hindering them from doing so? Fostering industry best practices or standing in the way of them? Canada’s Competition Tribunal has at last ruled on a long-simmering dispute between the Commissioner of Competition and the Toronto Real Estate Board, and it ruled against TREB. Canada’s largest real estate board is anti-competitive, abusing its position of market dominance to prevent competition, the Tribunal concluded. “Most importantly” the board’s practices have a considerable adverse impact on innovation, quality and the range of residential real estate brokerage services that would be offered in Toronto ... Read More »

Tridel named Home Builder of the Year and Green Builder of the Year

Tridel has been honoured by the Greater Toronto Area building industry, receiving several prestigious awards, including Home Builder of the Year. For the first time, the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) gave its top award to a mid/high-rise builder, Tridel, and a low-rise builder, Great Gulf Homes. The Home Builder of the Year Award is the “Best Actor” Oscar of the BILD Awards, the award all builders want to win. In a statement, BILD says the title of Home Builder of the Year recognizes builders “who set the standard for the rest of the industry through their professionalism and dedication to excellence.” The decision to give the honour ... Read More »

New Internet data show Canadians are not equally well served

The authority that manages the .CA domain for Internet users says that access speeds across Canada vary widely, from quite good in some places to very poor in others. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is urging Canadians to find out more about how the Internet works, as well as about the speeds they are actually paying for. They can do that by taking its performance test (available here). Test results can be entered into CIRA’s database to help create a better picture of service levels around the country. CIRA says that its performance test is conducted in real network conditions, with congestion and complex traffic routes, and that this accounts ... Read More »

CMHC concerned about overvaluation, overbuilding in Canada’s housing markets

Every discussion of the housing market in Canada inevitably distinguishes between the Toronto-Vancouver reality and the rest of the country. Housing prices are famously higher in Vancouver than anywhere else in Canada, followed by Toronto. Prices rise faster in Vancouver than anywhere else, followed by Toronto. But Toronto is considered a less balanced market than Vancouver, at least by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. CMHC says Toronto shows “strong” evidence of problematic conditions, while in Vancouver the evidence is only “moderate.” CMHC defines problematic conditions as imbalances caused by overheating, too rapid price acceleration, overvaluation, and overbuilding. Both Toronto and Vancouver are considered to be strongly overvalued, the only “red” ... Read More »

Charge cell phones on house plants: start-up creates electricity from photosynthesis

If photosynthesis is powerful enough to grow a tree 300 feet tall, can it also power a cell phone charger? Yes, it can, say some university student/entrepreneurs from Spain whose company, Arkyne Technologies, specializes in renewable energy. Using the brand name Bioo, the Spaniards are currently raising money via Indiegogo to finance development of their electricity-generating plant pots. According to the team, a single small house plant can generate enough power to charge your phone, using a regular USB charging port, three times a day. A whole garden full of their Bioo Lite devices could power the average person’s home, they claim. Energy, as the company says, has never been ... Read More »

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