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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: March 2016

Office workers lose 80 hours per year to IT problems

It must be awful to work in tech support. Dealing with the same few boring questions from distraught computer users, day after day after day. It’s no wonder that support people are all cynical and bitter. They may be polite and helpful when you phone and tell them you can’t log in to your email account again, but that’s only because your call is being monitored and they don’t want to get fired for telling you what they really think of you. Talk to one of them off the record, especially when a few drinks have been had, and you’ll soon see what they really think of most of us. ... Read More »

New home sales up sharply in February: BILD

Sales of new-built homes in the GTA were above average in February, according to the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). February’s brisk sales, which were 21 per cent higher than one year ago and 36 per cent above the ten-year average, came after a sluggish January. BILD president Bryan Tuckey said the launch of several new projects toward the end of January resulted in the stronger-than-usual February sales. In all, 3,629 new homes and condominiums were sold in the GTA in the month, just short of the record set in February 2011, when 3,650 homes were sold. In the high-rise category, new condominium sales were up 20 per ... Read More »

Most Canadians seek advice online but don’t always take it

A lot of Canadians use the Internet, in case that had escaped you. Scotiabank says 96 per cent of us use the Internet to find “information and answers” about, well, everything that we need information and answers about. Recipes. Medical information. Gift ideas. Financial advice. Dating. Mortgages. A survey of about 1,500 Canadians, conducted online naturally, found that we like to check out the Internet, but we don’t always like what we find there. The truth is that while virtually everyone begins their searches online, mainly because it’s so easy, so available, quite a few of those information and advice searchers (77 per cent) don’t think the advice they get ... Read More »

Save forests by buying certified wood and paper products

The Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr, says that Canadians can be assured that our forests are managed sustainably and will continue to provide many benefits to our society. He said this in a statement recognizing the International Day of Forests, which is today, March 21. Canada has approximately 10 per cent of the world’s forests, covering some 348 million hectares, of which 166 million hectares are certified as sustainably managed. Less than 0.2 per cent of these forests are harvested annually, and all forests on public land, which amounts to 94 per cent of them, must be “successfully regenerated” following harvest. In 2015, Canada exported nearly $33 billion worth ... Read More »

Earth Hour energy conservation tips from Toronto Hydro

People are using less electricity these days but paying more. That’s a conundrum. Toronto Hydro is encouraging people to conserve electricity to show support for Earth Hour, which occurs tomorrow (March 19) from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. But the electricity distributor says people are already doing an excellent job of conserving—being “conservation champions”—all year round, and it has the numbers to prove it. Average electricity consumption has dropped by more than 23 per cent over the past decade, from 9,581 kilowatts per hour in 2005 to 7,348 kWh in 2015. The average consumer consumes “only” 650 kWh per month, Toronto Hydro says. More than three-quarters of people polled by ... Read More »

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