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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: February 2016

Wine coming to Ontario supermarkets but public service union not happy about it

Anyone of legal drinking age who has visited the United States (or Europe) has probably noticed that you can buy beer and wine and liquor in the grocery stores there. It seems as normal to pick up a bottle or two of Chardonnay for dinner as milk for breakfast. It is very convenient, and it is no big deal. Which is why it’s unfortunate that the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) has taken the position that allowing the same convenience for Ontario consumers would be some kind of outrage. “You don’t have to be a genius to know wine sales belong in responsible public hands, not on grocery store ... Read More »

Consumers need better information to cope with intensification

The Consumers Council of Canada (CCC) wants Canadians to be more aware of their rights and responsibilities as consumers with respect to housing in cities like Toronto, where intensification is rapidly changing the way neighbourhoods are developed. The CCC undertook to study the effects of intensification on people’s lives in Canada’s major cities, as more and more people, especially in Toronto, choose to live in high-rise condominiums. Are those people aware of their rights regarding health and safety issues, building codes, technical standards, insurance? Do they understand the concept of shared condominium ownership? Are they sufficiently well informed about how intensification, whether it has already occurred or is going to ... Read More »

Ontario hopes new incentives for EVs will get more people buying them

Sales of electric vehicles haven’t exactly been brisk in Ontario. In 2015, total car sales in Canada set a new record: 1.898 million vehicles sold. Contrast that number with the paltry 5,800 electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads in Ontario, even with subsidies available to EV purchasers since 2010. According to government statistics, only 4,800 people have taken advantage of those incentives. So today the government announced new incentives in an effort to encourage people to make the switch from gas to electric. Under the new program, the amounts are increased: the previous range of $5,000–$8,500 is now increased to $6,000–$10,000. Additional incentives include $3,000 for vehicles with larger batteries, ... Read More »

Realtors, lawyers rated low for honesty, ethics in new Gallup poll

If you have recently bought or sold a home, or plan to do so, do you want to maintain a long-term business relationship with the real estate agent you worked with? Do you want to hear from him or her regularly, with advice about maintaining your home, advice that is customized to your specific needs and wants? Or do you feel that once the deal is done and you’ve settled in your new home there’s no need for any further contact, until you want it? It’s a challenge real estate professionals face, staying connected with clients, who move, on average, every seven years, without bothering them. Now that it’s so ... Read More »

New visual identity highlights Uber’s technology, omnipresence

Considering that the company has been around for just seven years, and that in that short time it grew $200,000 in seed money into an estimated market valuation of $65 billion, it seems a little curious that Uber should want to re-brand itself. Why mess with success? But the San Francisco company has done so, and, as usual in such cases, reaction from observers is mixed. Many hate the new look. The logo and app icon have lost the very letter that identified it, the U. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Travis Kalanick, wrote that the new look was needed to better reflect the company it has become. The old ... Read More »

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