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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: January 2016

UN report highlights global gender inequality, progress

Gender inequality, as best-selling author Juval Noah Harari would put it, is based on an imagined hierarchy. Man and male are not synonymous; neither are woman and female. A male is a member of the species Homo sapiens, having one X and one Y chromosome; a female is a member of the same species having two X chromosomes. All the rest is cultural myth—the roles we play in society and how we behave, what we are expected to achieve and believe, how we dress, how we speak, where we work. Despite being a completely imaginary construct, gender, Harari argues in Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, is deadly serious business. ... Read More »

Research to study literacy, at-risk youth, and education for torture victims

Toronto and the entire country stand to benefit from a number of new social research projects that received federal funding today from the Community and College Social Innovation Fund (CCSIF). Four of the projects will be undertaken at George Brown College, a fifth at Humber College. The George Brown teams, each of which received about a quarter of a million dollars for their projects, will be carrying out a range of social innovation research. One project aims to establish a user-friendly website to assist post-secondary students with disabilities. The site will be compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. At-risk youth are the focus of another three-year project ... Read More »

Canada: a great place to live but not very sexy or trendy

Canadians enjoy the highest quality of life in the world. The country is economically and politically stable with a good job market, living is affordable, safe, and family friendly, and citizens enjoy access to good education and health care. Corporations looking for a place to locate their headquarters need look no farther: this is the best country in the world for that. And when it comes to the attributes that define good citizenship—respect for property rights, trustworthiness, gender equality, care for the environment, care for human rights, respect for religious freedom, and progressive thinking—Canadians are right at the top of the heap. Only one country in the world is considered ... Read More »

Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act, Tarion, to be updated following reviews

It is hardly surprising that consumer protection legislation enacted in 1976 should be due for review in 2016. The Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act is older than many of the people it affects, home buyers in their twenties and thirties. Just consider for a moment (if you are old enough) how different the world of 1976 was from our world today: no smartphones, no personal computers or laptops, no Internet, no Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, no permanent state of connectedness with the rest of the world through cyberspace, no ability to instantly share with the world every thought and desire, no possibility of instant gratification or satisfaction for every ... Read More »

Board “oppressed” condo owner in wildly escalating parking dispute

Condominium living is supposed to be (and usually is) a pleasant and satisfying experience, a shared lifestyle among a community of neighbours. It is not immune from the occasional neighbourly tiff or misunderstanding, of course. The most common irritants between neighbours are often referred to as the Three Ps: parking, pets and parties. When a dispute arises, especially one between a condo owner and the board, care should be taken that it does not escalate out of hand, causing needless distress and expense. Those last words express the sentiments of a rather philosophical-minded judge of the Ontario Superior Court. “In condominium living,” he wrote, “the needs of the many outweigh ... Read More »

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