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Saturday , 25 March 2017

Monthly Archives: January 2016

Progress on health and wellness, slavery, environment, food industry says

The next time you go to the supermarket to pick up a few things for dinner, chances are you won’t be thinking about slavery and forced labour, tropical deforestation, food fraud, and inappropriate marketing to children. Those terrible crimes and abuses, however, are all around you as you navigate the food aisles. Buy something made with palm oil and you are contributing to the destruction, every minute, of fifty football fields worth of tropical rain forest. Pick up a jar of seafood sauce and, if you bother to look at the back label, you are almost as likely to be deceived as informed about the true energy values of the ... Read More »

Survey places Toronto, Vancouver among least affordable housing markets

The annual Demographia Survey of world housing affordability has been released. According to the survey, just one-quarter of Canada’s housing markets are affordable today, based on a price-to-income ratio. In the most affordable markets, the median price of a home is no more than three times higher than the median annual income. Nine of the thirty-six Canadian markets included are given a rating of 3 and under; the remaining twenty-seven range from moderately unaffordable to severely unaffordable. Six Canadian cities are in the latter category, including Toronto. The Demographia Survey has a strong political agenda. Its author, American urban planner Wendell Cox, has connections with a number of conservative think ... Read More »

Condo lifestyle, for all its convenience and freedom, is not a free ride

One of the greatest attractions of the condo lifestyle has always been the freedom it affords owners to come and go without worrying about who will take care of the lawn in the summertime or the snow in winter. Add to that the freedom from having to climb up on the roof and fix a broken eaves trough or pay to resurface a driveway ever couple of years and you get a sense of why condo life appeals to so many. Convenience, security, and fewer demands on owners’ time make condo life very attractive. Another big attraction of condo living in Toronto is the amenities that go with it. Fitness ... Read More »

Home improvement/reno season is fast approaching

There are signs that Canadians are spending more on home improvements and renovations. Sales at building materials and gardening supplies centres and at home improvement and furniture stores were up in November, the third increase in four months, according to Statistics Canada. The increase was the biggest since mid-2014. Another sign comes from home improvement retailer Loew’s, which announced that it was hiring 46,000 seasonal workers in the US and 3,000 in Canada. The Canadian hires will work in the company’s existing forty-two stores in Canada as well as at six new stores the company plans to open by the middle of the year. The positions include customer service, cashiers, ... Read More »

Keeping communication lines open between condo owners and boards

The cheque is in the mail. I didn’t receive the message. Two of the most common little lies people tell when they want to shut down the discussion. They are quite effective, even if the receiver knows, or suspects, that they are untrue. Sometimes, people just don’t want to communicate. But as all reasonable people understand, you can’t run a business, including a condominium corporation, without effective communication. Effective communication only occurs when a message is delivered, received, understood, and responded to if that is required. It takes two to communicate. This seems simple enough to grasp, yet complaints about a lack of communication between condo boards and owners are ... Read More »

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