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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Recycle those batteries! It’s Waste Reduction Week

No doubt the timing is purely coincidental, but Monday, October 19, the day of our long-awaited federal election, also marks the beginning of Waste Reduction Week in Canada. This is a cross-country  initiative with many participating groups, one of which is Call2Recycle Canada. Its focus is on getting rid of dead batteries. Many of us don’t know how to properly dispose of used batteries, the group says, so we throw them in the trash, or hoard them in a drawer. Billions of them still end up in landfill, a bad thing for several reasons. Call2Recycle Canada hopes we will change that behaviour when we understand how easy it is to take ... Read More »

Sometimes the rich don’t get richer, when they take the giving pledge

What would make a wealthy person want to give away most of his or her money? Warren Buffett, who pledged in 2006 to give away an astounding 99 per cent of his wealth during his lifetime or at death, gives some home-spun insight into this philanthropic behaviour. Some material things, he said, make life more enjoyable, but many do not. “I like having an expensive private plane, but owning a half-dozen homes would be a burden.” Too often, he continued, possessions end up possessing the owner. Giving away 99 per cent of his wealth won’t make any difference to his and his family’s lifestyle, he said. They will continue to ... Read More »

TD Centre becomes largest LEED Platinum office complex in Canada

The Toronto-Dominion Centre, head office off TD Bank and one of Toronto’s most iconic building groups, has earned LEED Platinum certification for all six of the complex’s buildings, comprising more than 4.5 million square feet of office and retail space. This makes it one of the largest office complexes in North America to have earned this level of LEED certification. The standard, known as LEED EB: O&M (existing building, operations and maintenance), is designed for buildings not originally built to LEED standards. The first tower of the TD Centre opened in 1967, long before LEED existed. The emphasis on operations and maintenance throughout a building’s life cycle makes this standard ... Read More »

Survey highlights regulatory differences facing home builders

Why does it take longer and cost more for home builders to get a new development approved in Oakville than it does next door in Burlington? Why is the approvals process more complex and time-consuming in Whitby than in Mississauga? Could the approvals process in general be made more streamlined and more uniform across the GTA? Why are some communities more resistant to new development than others? These are some of the concerns that emerge from a recent Fraser Institute survey of developers and home builders. Titled “New Homes and Red Tape: Residential Land-Use Regulation in Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe,” the survey was designed to find out how residential land-use regulation ... Read More »

In city and suburbs, double-digit price increases for homes

Except for the occasional anomaly where prices actually declined (bungalows in Mississauga were down 3.5 per cent year over year), home prices in the third quarter of 2015 were up substantially in virtually all regions of the GTA compared to one year earlier. The aggregate price of a home in the GTA rose 11.3 per cent, to $612,261. This is according to the Royal LePage House Price Survey just released. As always when real estate prices are discussed in the GTA, attention focuses on the two-storey detached home. Double-digit appreciation is now the norm in this category, and the third quarter bore this out: the median price for a two-storey ... Read More »

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