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Saturday , 25 March 2017

Monthly Archives: October 2015

Eglinton Crosstown wins award for innovative funding from Public Private Partnerships group

They give awards for everything these days, so why not for P3s? P3s are Public Private Partnerships, and there is a non-profit group to promote them, the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP). It announced today that Toronto’s Eglinton Crosstown was this year’s winner of the award for Project Financing. The Crosstown is the largest transit infrastructure project in the GTA and is expected to cost approximately $5.3 billion. It will run nineteen kilometres along Eglinton Avenue from Mount Dennis at Weston Road in the west end to Kennedy Road in Scarborough, with ten kilometres underground. There will be twenty-five stations along the way. The Crosstown is a project of ... Read More »

Supply low, prices high for new low-rise homes in GTA: BILD

The high cost of a new-built home in the Toronto area is the result of low supply and high demand, according to the CEO of the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). Bryan Tuckey said in a release that the record-high prices for low-rise homes reached in September are a simple case of supply and demand, in which demand is “far outpacing supply, and the continuous decline in inventory is fueling the price growth.” How low is that inventory? At the end of September there were 4,452 homes available for sale in the region, less than three months’ supply. This affected sales negatively, Tuckey said. The number of sales ... Read More »

Workers work smarter in green buildings: study

Everyone knows that getting a bit of fresh air is a good way to “clear one’s head” and brush away the “cobwebs” that make us feel slow and stupid, especially on a warm, drowsy afternoon after a big lunch. For those who have to work in modern office buildings, with their airtight construction and chemical-emitting carpeting and furniture, the absence of fresh air can be a big problem. Feeling slow and dull at work is bad news not only for the person feeling that way but for the work as well. New research findings show exactly how much the quality of the indoor environment affects people’s cognitive performance in carrying ... Read More »

Drones contributing to U of T’s traffic monitoring platform

The next time you find yourself stuck, for no apparent reason, in a Toronto traffic jam, going nowhere, hating it, wishing you were anywhere but where you actually are, remember this: at the University of Toronto’s school of engineering, a professor and his lab have been working on a new platform that will, eventually (theoretically), improve traffic in Toronto. They are probably watching you even now, as you sit steaming in your immobile automobile. The latest development in the lab’s plan is the use of drones that transmit live, high-definition video feeds to an online tool called the Connected Vehicles and Smart Transportation (CVST) portal. The drones add one more ... Read More »

Housing to moderate through 2017, condos dominant in GTA

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has gone out on a limb again and predicted what will happen in the country’s housing markets over the next couple of years. In a word: moderation.  (Watch for the first correction to be issued around the end of June next year.) For now, CMHC says markets will moderate in 2016 and 2017. Price growth will slow, favouring moderately priced homes. The average price of a home in Canada in 2015 will be $437,700, which is a 7.2 per cent gain over last year. However, the average price next year will be $443,300, and in 2017, $449,600, representing gains of just 1.3 per cent and ... Read More »

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