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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Housing market resilient but uneven, bank rate to rise: RBC

The latest housing market forecast from RBC reveals the bank’s sanguine attitude right off the top. Canada’s housing market is poised to post one of its best years on record in 2015. Market momentum at present is uneven—strong in Ontario and British Columbia, weaker in Alberta and Saskatchewan—but the future holds a cooling of the market, not a crash. And the main coolant will be interest rates. So writes senior economist at RBC Robert Hogue. For the rest of this year, RBC is forecasting the resale market to rise by 5 per cent, to just over half a million units. This would be the second-highest level on record, and once ... Read More »

Want pedestrian traffic? Provide retail, and lots of windows.

What makes a street pedestrian friendly, so that it attracts a lot of pedestrian traffic? Is it the diversity of the streetscape? The distance from the street to transit? The design of the street itself? Urban planners “presume” that streetscape features like these are important for active street life, but until now, according to a team from Columbia University in New York City, they have had little empirical evidence to support the claim. A new study carried out by the Columbia researchers claims to have identified the three key variables that explain pedestrian traffic volumes. Their findings should help urban planners create more walkable streets and pedestrian friendly environments, say ... Read More »

Canadian will take green building message to Singapore, Paris

The Canadian who became head of the World Green Building Council on June 1, 2015 will make her first major international appearance in her new role as one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming International Green Building Conference in Singapore. Terri Wills, whose experience includes work with the Ontario Government, the Clinton Climate Initiative and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group in London, England, says her goal is to increase WGBC’s influence around the world. That is in effect WGBC’s mission: to strengthen green building councils in the more than one hundred countries where they now operate. The purpose of the councils is to promote sustainable building practices and ... Read More »

Home ownership still a dream for millennials

It appears that the dream of home ownership is alive among younger Canadians, but the ability to make it come true may be slipping., the online mortgage shopping site, says that fewer than half of today’s millennials believe they could afford a home in their region. For older Canadians, (born before 1979) the number is closer to two-thirds (59 per cent). Most millennials still believe in home ownership, however; 91 per cent said that buying a home was an important milestone in life, and a solid majority (72 per cent) do not consider renting a good use of their money. Furthermore, there’s a lot of anxiety about the rising ... Read More »

Open house overrated as real estate marketing tool

An open house is a necessity when selling a home, right? Wrong. At least not for the person selling the home. Hardly any homes are sold to people who happen to show up at an open house and decide to make an offer on the spot. By one account, it’s less than 2 per cent of all home sales (US). Even realtors, most of whom admit to holding open houses, aren’t sold on them. More than half of real estate agents surveyed by RISMedia in the US said that the open house was “pointless.” Why are they so common then? Realtors say that clients expect them. It seems to be ... Read More »

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