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Monthly Archives: June 2015

WELL building standard now promoted in Canada

The shower water is infused with vitamin C to reduce chlorine, helping keep skin and hair soft and smooth. Cedar “elements” protect clothing by repelling different types of pests. Dawn simulation gently awakens guests with increasing levels of light and sound. Scents are available for mood enhancing and relaxation. An air purification system reduces allergens, toxins, smoke and microbes in the air. Bright white light suppresses melatonin and can help reduce jet lag and regulate circadian rhythm. This is just a partial list of the many features available, not at the newest trendy wellness spa or rehab centre for the rich and famous, but at the MGM Grand Hotel in ... Read More »

Condo shooting raises question of security

A woman who lives in a downtown condominium building where two men were killed last weekend told a TV news reporter that security in the building was lax. The entrance doors, both front and back, were always open, she said. Anyone could just walk up and open the doors. She seemed to be making a connection between the killing and the open doors, though that connection doesn’t necessarily hold up; the suspects in the killing are thought to have been party guests in the condo where the shooting took place. The fact that two people were killed in the building will not make residents feel more secure, whether the shooters ... Read More »

E-signatures on real estate documents acceptable July 1

As of Wednesday, July 1, it will be legal in Ontario to sign a purchase of sale agreement for real estate property electronically. Purchasers and vendors will be able to make offers and carry out any back-and-forth amendments without the need for copying and faxing hard copies of the documents. The “cumbersome process” of making a paper-based offer, counter-offer, counter-counter-offer, and so on, will be simplified. Now any changes to an offer can be done on the real estate agent or client’s tablet or laptop, duly initialed electronically by means of an application such as DocuSign, and sent through the ether. The Ontario Real Estate Association called the change “great ... Read More »

Breakthrough “organs-on-chips” named best design of 2015 in London

The London Design Museum gave its top honour, Design of the Year 2015, to polymer micro-devices known as “organs-on-chips.” Created by two Harvard University scientists, the devices can be lined with human cells from various organs and mimic the structures and functions of those organs. They are intended to be used for testing drugs, cosmetics and for treating infections and other diseases. Their use could end the controversial practice of using lab animals for drug testing. It may seem an odd choice for a design award, particularly since few people outside of medical labs will ever see one of the devices. Yet the organs-on-chips design beat out short-listed contenders like ... Read More »

Nothing average about Canada’s real estate market

Benjamin Tal is not your average kind of economist. For one thing, the CIBC World Markets real estate specialist doesn’t like averages, at least not in the context of Canadian real estate. Real estate in Canada is far too multi-dimensional to be reduced to averages and generalities, he insists. With all of the different trends occurring in real estate in different provinces and cities, using blanket national averages is “useless.” How can an average that includes downward-moving prices in Calgary and upward-moving prices in Toronto and Vancouver, while prices in the rest of the country are more or less in line with inflation, be meaningful? He also has a problem with ... Read More »

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