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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: April 2015

An Earth Day gift from Philips: LED bulb for less than US$5

The timing of the announcement for Earth Day Eve was no doubt intentional. Philips today announced a new 60-watt-equivalent LED light bulb for consumers, priced at under $5 US. The bulb will be available at the beginning of May at Home Depot. The kick-off offer will be a two-for-one pack for the first 90 days, or while supplies last, says a statement from Philips. They are already available at Home Depot online. The bulbs’ specifications give them a lifespan of 10,000 hours, based on three hours of use per day. Stock up on these energy-savers and you may never have to buy another lightbulb, at least not the 60-watt size. ... Read More »

Tarion Awards honour builders with best customer service

Only one award in Ontario recognizes the province’s home building industry solely based on customer service: the Tarion Awards of Excellence. As Tarion president and CEO Howard Bogach put it in the announcement of this year’s nominees, “A great home builder ensures their customers feel supported long after they’ve settled into their new home. The 2015 Tarion Awards of Excellence finalists demonstrate that excellenct customer service is an essential part of a home builder’s job and can make the difference between a good home builder and a great one.” Awards are given in four categories: high rise, large volume, medium volume, and small volume, referring to the number of homes ... Read More »

TD Centre “the green real estate brand” on its sustainability measures

The Toronto-Dominion Centre, “the green real estate brand,” says its sustainability efforts over the past five years have paid off in a big way for its tenants in the iconic cluster of downtown Toronto buildings. Energy use was reduced by 13 per cent over the five years, and by 6.9 per cent in 2014 compared to the year before; water consumption was reduced by 42 per cent; greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 13 per cent (equivalent to annual emissions of 747 cars, the report says), and it achieved 79 per cent waste diversion. The centre also achieved an impressive $300,000 saving in base building electricity costs, according to a ... Read More »

High demand sparks competition among condo buyers: TREB

Toronto’s resale housing market was busy in the first half of April. The Toronto Real Estate Board reports that 4,635 home sales took place, an increase of 3.4 per cent over the same period last year. New listings, however, were down 4.6 per cent, making conditions tighter than ever. Sales growth in Toronto would be even greater, given the pent-up demand, if more homes were listed, according to TREB president Paul Etherington. Conditions now run from balanced to sellers’ market, TREB says. Sales are strong in the condo segment, as well as in high-end detached homes, suggesting wide demand across the spectrum of buyers. Condo sales were particularly strong in ... Read More »

Unconditional offers in Toronto’s hot real estate market common but risky

A new report on real estate markets across Canada, this one from RE/MAX, covers territory that will be familiar to many. Home prices are rising in sellers’ markets like Toronto and Vancouver, where inventory is tight, and falling in buyers’ markets like Calgary and Regina. Condominiums are an affordable choice for many buyers, especially first-time buyers just entering the market. Millennials are attracted to an urban lifestyle in the heart of the city. A statement about Toronto and Vancouver market conditions stands out, however, and should serve as a warning to anyone thinking of buying, especially in a hot sellers’ market like Toronto. “Multiple bids and offers without conditions are ... Read More »

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