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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Doors Open Toronto sports theme for Pan Am/Parapan Am games

When you consider that Toronto did not exist until the last decade of the eighteenth century, it is truly amazing that a building as splendid as Osgoode Hall (above) should have been built just a few decades later, when the tiny settlement on Lake Ontario was still called York. But the Law Society of Upper Canada erected the imposing neoclassical building between 1829 and 1832, when the town of York consisted of mainly wood-frame houses and had a population of around 10,000. The building has been enlarged and renovated many times since, but remains a wonderful example of late Georgian Palladian-style architecture which would not be out of place in ... Read More »

More home buyers turning to parents for financial help

Great news for you parents of twenty- and thirty-something kids. You’ve always told them that buying a home of their own was the best financial move they could make, and now they’re ready to take your good advice. With it, they’ll also be taking your good money, about $37,500 of it. That’s about 12 per cent of what they plan to spend on their first home, and 12 per cent is the amount young first-time buyers expect their families to help them with, according to a new BMO survey. Consider yourself lucky if your kid is a first-time buyer and expects just that 12 per cent assist. If your adult ... Read More »

Avoid mortgage insurance increase with 10 per cent down payment

Few people would silently accept an overnight 15 per cent hike in charges for their phone bill, say, or their electricity bill, or just about anything else. A rate increase that large, even if it did not apply to one’s present account, would still be considered excessive and unacceptable. But Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, followed soon after by Genworth, the largest private mortgage lender in Canada, announced such an increase, to take effect June 1. Any new home buyer with a down payment of less than 10 per cent of the value of the home, will pay more for mandatory mortgage insurance. Those with bigger down payments or existing ... Read More »

Dutch plan bladeless, live-in windmill, symbol of circular economy

A lot of people, even those who are in favour of sustainable energy, don’t want wind turbines near their homes because they claim the noise of the spinning turbine blades makes them sick and keeps them awake at night. Perhaps a new idea from the Netherlands will change their minds? Dutch researchers have come up with a way to generate electricity from the wind with no moving parts. Hence, no noise. Not only would people be able to live happily near such windmills; they would be able to live in them, which is what millers have been doing for centuries, after all. The first of these marvels of wind technology ... Read More »

Demand outpaces supply for new low-rise homes: BILD

New low-rise home sales were up 6 per cent in March in the GTA, compared to one year ago. While that is hardly surprising, the real story is about inventory. Inventory levels reached an all-time low last month, according to the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). The number of all types of new ground-related homes available for purchase dropped by one-third. A record low 5,711 low-rise homes were available, according to RealNet Canada, which provides market data to BILD. At the same time, the average cost of a new low-rise home reached a record high $738,731, measured by the RealNet New Home Price Index. That is a 12 ... Read More »

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