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Sunday , 26 March 2017

Monthly Archives: February 2015

Will real-time cost display make smart meters more effective?

The Smart Meter is an idea that so far has worked better in theory than in practice. Last December, the auditor general of Ontario called the Ontario government’s program to put smart meters in homes poorly planned. Even worse, they have had little impact on energy consumption, though their impact on energy costs has been high. The smart meters are supposed to help consumers use less “peak” time electricity, which costs more, and thus save money. Does this mean that smart meters are of no benefit at all? Not necessarily. In British Columbia, where smart meters are also being introduced, the province’s utility company, B.C. Hydro, is promoting a device ... Read More »

TREB to stress housing affordability in city budget presentation

The Toronto Real Estate Board has been outspoken against the Toronto Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT) from the very beginning. The tax, which adds thousands of dollars to the upfront costs of purchasing a home in the city, and brings the city millions in revenue ($357 million in 2013) has proven to be a stubborn, though profitable, irritant since it was implemented in 2008. Not even cut-and-save warrior former mayor Rob Ford could kill it, having promised to do so in his election campaign. Now that the new mayor has presented his first budget, it’s time for TREB to take the fight to city hall once again. The problem is, ... Read More »

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