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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: February 2015

Nova Scotia architect MacKay-Lyons named RAIC gold medalist

In this age of glamorous, world-famous “starchitects”— Frank Gehry, Santiago Calatrava, Zara Hadid, Norman Foster—whose work is often conceived on a monumental scale and often has very little apparent connection to the place it occupies, it’s refreshing to see that the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) has given its prestigious Gold Medal to an architect best known for daring little buildings in mainly rustic settings. Brian MacKay-Lyons of Nova Scotia designs houses that jut precariously from the edges of seaside cliffs, or appear to slide down grassy country hillsides. They are at once familiar and homely looking, and startlingly original. MacKay-Lyons is co-founder of the firm MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects. ... Read More »

Tourism on the rise in Toronto as new records set

Tourism is a very personal thing. People travel for all sorts of different reasons. One man’s paradise is another’s hell on earth. One person loves Venice or (insert name of city or country here) and wishes he could live there forever, while the next one finds it a bore and can’t wait to get out. Ancient ruins, medieval cathedrals, castles and art galleries are among the “attractions” that make Europe the most visited region of the world, but many wouldn’t be caught dead at the Louvre or the Colosseum. There are so many other options, from hiking Central American rainforests to gambling in the Nevada desert to lounging by a ... Read More »

New sustainability standard covers ovens and ranges

Home owners who prefer that their kitchen appliances are built to the highest standards of sustainability will be happy to know that a new industry standard has been released by the group that represents appliance makers in North America. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), in conjunction with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), announced the new standard for kitchen ranges. built-in cook tops and ovens. According to AHAM, the standard, which is voluntary, is based on the now-common lifecycle approach to assessing products’ environmental sustainability. It considers five key areas of environmental impact: materials, manufacturing and operations, energy consumption during use, end of life, and innovation. The new standard ... Read More »

Florida condo owners losing their homes in terminations

A story out of Florida serves as a reminder that you can’t be too careful about reading your condo documents when you purchase in that state. It also reminds us why lawyers are the butt of so many jokes, most of them nasty. The story concerns the termination of a number of condo buildings in the state. Now, termination of a condo is a relatively unfamiliar concept in Ontario. We’re more likely to hear of buildings being converted into condos than the reverse. Of the thousands of condo corporations that have been created here, just a handful have ever been terminated. In Florida, however, there have been hundreds of condo ... Read More »

Putting a cost on love

Now here’s some information that could throw icy water on anyone’s ardour, romantic or otherwise., normally a very useful online comparison shopping site for a variety of personal finance products like mortgages and car insurance, has done lovers a big favour by doing what many a Romeo (or Juliet) has probably wondered about but couldn’t face actually doing: they have calculated The Cost of Love in Canada. Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day, as amorous boys and girls everywhere ponder the perfect way to surprise and delight each other—will they say it with roses? Chocolates? Jewellery? A trip to Cuba?—the RateSupermarket number crunchers have worked out that it costs $50,339,21 to ... Read More »

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