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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: January 2015

Price gap widens between low-rise housing and condos

Affordability continues to dominate discussions of Toronto real estate as RealNet Canada releases a Strategic Review of the 2014 new home market in the GTA. It comes just a day after TD Economics released its own highly critical analysis of the area’s real estate market. George Carras, president of RealNet, said that the 2014 results reported in his study were “ten years in the making,” a reference to the policy decision made by the provincial government a decade ago. “The desire to curb sprawl and encourage intensification has led to the continued condominium boom in the 416, spiking home prices and a widening price gap between low rise and high ... Read More »

Skyscrapers made of wood a new form of high-density building

Now that Ontario has opened the door to taller wood buildings, architects and engineers are no doubt thinking about how to start using wood creatively. They should look at the German architectural firm, Weingartner Architects, for inspiration. Leonhard Weingartner has spend a lot of time—twenty years, he says—working out how to solve some of today’s really big problems: climate change, social alienation, depletion of resources, rapid urbanization. Architecture has a major role to play in solving these, he believes, because it can help us develop a new, sustainable alternative to traditional construction methods, and ways of life. It’s a tall order, but Weingartner believes his solution is up to it. ... Read More »

Affordability, lack of diversity key challenges to GTA housing: TD report

Housing booms do not last forever, says TD Economics in a new special report, even though Toronto’s has now lasted for more than a decade and shows little sign of ending. A case in point:  the Toronto Real Estate Board released its statistics on home sales for the first half of January, and to no one’s surprise the numbers were higher than for the same time last year. Not just a little higher: almost 10 per cent higher. (The average selling price was down slightly, but that was explained as being the result of a “different mix” of homes on the market.) The stakes are high for the Toronto housing ... Read More »

Banish drabness with Jonathan Adler at the Interior Design Show

Torontonians will get to bask in the glitzy-glamorous aura of one of the biggest stars of the interior design world at the Interior Design Show 2015 next weekend. Jonathan Adler, potter, designer, author and self-proclaimed guru of everything chic and glamorous, takes the main stage on Saturday, January 24. Adler is much more than a designer, of course. To him, design and having nice things are just plain good for our mental health. You get a feel for Adler’s approach to design, and to life itself, just reading the titles of his three books: My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living; Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors and Happy Chic Accessories: 100 ... Read More »

Condo completions, sales, rentals all setting records

We already knew that 2014 was a record year for the condo industry in Toronto. The first record, for the number of condo completions, fell back in September. That’s when the number of condos completed to that point in the year surpassed the previous year’s total of 16,668 (RealNet Canada numbers), which was itself a record. By year’s end, the estimated number of completions was projected to be about 25,000. That is now the record waiting to be broken. Completions are one thing; sales are another. The Toronto Real Estate Board reports today that the resale market for condominiums in the final three months of 2014, grew by 8.3 per ... Read More »

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