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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Execs don’t like texting at meetings: survey

Global technology company Ericsson says that increased connectivity is something people, especially children, want and expect today. A world in which everything is connected through the Internet, and information-sharing can even be done by some form of technology-assisted telepathy, is the world we are moving rapidly towards. But just because “everyone is doing it” does not mean everyone approves. A Toronto management company says there is one area where too much connectivity is not appreciated: the boardroom. Robert Hall Management Resources surveyed managers to find out their opinions regarding the use of smartphones and other mobile devices during business meetings. Is it acceptable for professionals to read and respond to ... Read More »

Ontario exporters riding wave; oil prices no worry for economy: RBC

Falling oil prices will give Ontario the boost it needs to lead the country in economic growth in 2015, says the Royal Bank of Canada. This year Ontario “took a step” toward greater growth as exports picked up at an impressive rate, consumers spent more, and the housing market flourished. All of that was enough to deliver 2.3 per cent GDP growth in 2014. RBC now forecasts growth of 3.1 per cent next year, supported by those falling oil prices. “We believe that the recent turnaround in Ontario’s exports is just the beginning of a powerful export-led push that will contribute to the fastest growth that the province has seen ... Read More »

Consumers want more connectivity in daily life according to Ericsson

Swedish communications technology multinational Ericsson released a list of ten consumer trends that it says will dominate in 2015. The company, which owns a large share of the world’s mobile network infrastructure market, releases an annual report on these trends from its ConsumerLab, which conducts global research to determine what people are thinking about technology. It claims that its results represent the views of 85 million frequent Internet users. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with such things as robots in the home and “mind sharing,” Ericsson says. Mind sharing is not to be confused with “mind share,” a marketing term that refers to how much awareness a brand has among ... Read More »

Christmas celebrations? Consider your condo’s party room

Christmas and party: the words go together like scotch and soda, gin and tonic, wine and cheese, egg and nog. Unfortunately (for those not included, anyway) bringing together a lot of merry people, free-flowing booze and lively party music can create noise. As has been observed for at least two millennia now, people often become less inhibited when they drink. Demure young ladies who would never dream of taking their clothes off in public and jumping into a fountain under normal circumstances may suddenly find it quite amusing to do so after drinking three or four martinis at a Christmas party. Interestingly, the same high-spirited noise that indicates that one ... Read More »

Shop smart, avoid credit card fraud

Chinese Canadians between thirty-five and forty-four years of age who earn more than $100,000 a year had better be more careful with their credit cards. Consumer research provider Mintel found that persons to whom any one of those three demographic markers applies were more likely to have been victims of credit fraud in the last two years. This being a particularly busy time of year for credit card shoppers, vigilance is urged. On the other hand, if you are an older Canadian with a lower income and live in the Atlantic provinces, you are doing a pretty good job of avoiding fraud. Living in Ontario seems to carry higher risk: ... Read More »

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