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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: November 2014

Canadian home buyers “remarkably confident” and responsible: CAAMP

Almost every discussion of the housing market in Canada for the past four or five years, whether the discussion is about sales numbers. affordability or the role of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, includes some variation of the notion that low interest rates are the critical factor in keeping the real estate market afloat. Most often, the reference to interest rates includes the warning that they will inevitably rise. “Then what?” is the implicit scary message. Many surveys have been done in which mortgage holders are asked how they would fare if their mortgage rate rose by, say, 2 per cent. And many have answered that such a rise ... Read More »

Canada’s October housing sales above ten-year average

Canada’s MLS systems processed more home sales in October than in September, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) reports. The nationwide rise in October’s sales was 0.7 per cent compared to September. On a year-over-year basis, the increase was 7 per cent. It was the sixth consecutive monthly increase and enough to make this October the strongest since 2009. Sales for 2014 are now above the ten-year average, and among the highest of the past decade. October is not typically one of the strongest months for real estate activity, as sales generally taper off after the big spring and summer seasons. Most of this October’s strength was seen, as usual, ... Read More »

Toronto waterfront has fastest Internet access in country

Toronto’s waterfront now has the fastest broadband network in the city and one of the fastest in the world. The infrastructure has been built, and new buildings within the developing waterfront area, both commercial and residential, will be able to enjoy speeds of up to 500 mbps. That is about thirty times faster than the current average speed (16.5 mbps according to Ookla) in Canada. The fibre-optic capacity is there to deliver 1 gigabit, or even 10 gigabits if required. The head of Waterfront Toronto, John Campbell, called 500 mbps service a “game changer” for Toronto’s economic growth. It will change the way businesses and consumers use the Internet. From ... Read More »

Housing, household worth among positives in strong economic picture

To end the week, a very upbeat perspective from BMO’s optimistic chief economist Douglas Porter. Noting that there’s a tendency in this country’s economic community to focus on the negative—the skepticism expressed by many at the “surprisingly powerful” October jobs report, for instance, or the Bank of Canada’s tendency to “relentlessly” highlight the downside risks and “any areas of economic underperformance”—Porter says there’s much that’s good in the economy. In fact, he says, we may look back on current conditions as “the good old days.” What’s so good about them? He names no less than ten big positives at play in Canada’s economy right now. The job market: unemployment, at ... Read More »

Industry awards highlight beauty, versatility of wood in construction

Ontario’s wood industry gathered this week in Toronto to celebrate the best in design and construction over the past year. The Ontario Wood Design Awards are given by the Ontario branch of the national advocacy group Wood WORKS! which promotes the use of wood in all types of construction. The Ontario Wood Award Winner this year is a small project compared to other winners, but is described as “difficult” with many demands having  had to be met in order to bring it off. Called “Grotto,” it is a privately owned sauna built on a “remote” island near San Souci, Ontario. Wood is a natural choice for a sauna, and this ... Read More »

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