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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: September 2014

Dispute resolution office to keep trivial cases out of courts

Should condo owners be taking their management staff to court because they don’t like being reminded to wipe their sweat off the exercise equipment in the fitness room? Or because of conflicts between owners and staff that allegedly never even took place? An Ontario Superior Court judge recently made it blindingly clear that he didn’t think so, in a case that makes it equally clear once again why Ontario’s 600,000 condo owners, their management personnel, and boards desperately need better dispute resolution tools. The sweaty equipment case came before the courts last year and prompted this withering comment by the presiding judge. “The issues raised by the applicants are so ... Read More »

Green Building Week gets underway with call to “Green up”

Today is the beginning of World Green Building Week (September 22–27), an initiative of the World Green Building Council, which has members in 100 countries and more than 27,000 participating organizations.  This is the fifth World Green Building Week, a celebration of sustainable construction, and the theme this year is “Get Up, Green Up.” Organizers are calling for a “direct action” approach to a greener environment, meaning that they encourage individuals to do something that will make a difference, like cycling to work, changing your lightbulbs, at home or at work, to energy-efficient ones, or getting together with friends and neighbours to clean up a local park or creek. Making ... Read More »

Top three finance and housing authorities: market is sound

The three men responsible for overseeing Canada’s housing market and financial system, the minister of finance, the Governor of the Bank of Canada, and the head of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), all gave reassurances over the last few days that the market is sound and Canadians have no need to worry about a housing bubble. CMHC’s CEO Evan Siddall gave the most detailed statement in an analysis of the current and future state of mortgage lending. In his speech to a Global Risk Institute meeting in Montreal, Siddall said that the housing agency is “re-examining our role” in the housing and financial markets with the aim of being ... Read More »

Amid rising prices, shifting priorities, condos still the affordable option

It can’t be easy for buyers trying to break into Toronto’s real estate market, not with prices rising as fast as they are. If you don’t find what you’re looking for this week, by next week prices will have gone up again. You don’t want to rush in and buy something just for the sake of buying, but on the other hand, how much can you realistically afford? The longer you take to search, the more you’re going to pay. The Bank of Montreal’s latest Fall Home-buying Report shows just how serious the problem is for many buyers. More than half (57 per cent) of people who are hunting for ... Read More »

MasterCard sponsors effort to attract girls to tech careers

When was the last time the techie who showed up to work on your computer network at the office was a woman? More than likely, never. Fewer than one in five of those who consider a career in technology in Canada is a woman, and many of those who do choose it drop out. More than half of women who were asked about pursuing a career in technology in an Angus Reid Forum sponsored by MasterCard expressed no interest at all. MasterCard, together with an organization called Ladies Learning Code and the University of Waterloo, is now launching a campaign to try to change that, offering free introductory classes in coding ... Read More »

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