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Saturday , 25 March 2017

Monthly Archives: August 2014

Animal chairs from Maximo Riera continue to amaze

Looking for a piece of furniture that’s really different, something you can be pretty sure no one—but no one—else will have among your circle of friends? Have you considered a “sculptural seating entity” designed by Spanish artist, sculptor, poet and designer Maximo Riera? He is most famous for his series of animal chairs, and there is no getting around it: they are peculiar. Some would say hideous, but that’s a matter of taste. It’s safe to say that where these creations are concerned, context is all. They probably wouldn’t do at all in a room that’s otherwise filled with conventional furnishings—or would they? Riera says that he chose to design ... Read More »

Condo fraud lesson: know the developer you’re dealing with

A woman who invested $40,000 in the condominium development called Centrium, which was to be built at Yonge and Finch by a company called Centrust, explained the reason for the terrible predicament that she and about 150 other investors now find themselves dealing with. An immigrant to Canada, she said she thought “everything in Canada was so safe, everything like perfect, we trust them (the developers) so much.” Speaking to Global News she went on, “so we didn’t pay much attention on questioning anything.” Was she naïve? Perhaps, but so were all those other purchasers who handed over their deposit cheques, confident that they were dealing with a legitimate developer, ... Read More »

Will real estate brokerages disappear as mobile takes over?

Would you buy a home from a guy in a van parked outside a Tim Horton’s store? How about a woman on a park bench? More and more businesses, including real estate, are moving away from the permanent office. Employees in many companies are encouraged, or at least permitted, more  than ever before to work from home. The technology is already there to make it possible. We no longer need to be in an office to access most of the data we need to do our jobs, certainly not the online real estate data to be found on sites like Trulia and More than most jobs, that of the ... Read More »

Transportation effect on real estate: minutes matter, not kilometres

In London, where home prices are already among the highest in the world, home buyers will pay a substantial premium to live near a tube or train station. A home within 500 meters of a station will command up to $76,000 (£42,000) more than homes that are 1,500 meters away. The research that revealed this was done by Britain’s largest real estate company, Nationwide, and the company said that the transit premium people are willing to pay has increased since the last time they looked into it two years ago. It is worth noting that very few homes in London actually are more than 1,500 metres from a subway or ... Read More »

Electricity and renewable energy sector needs women workers

The job benefits are impressive: stable work environment, cutting edge technology, high employment rate, opportunities for learning and growth, high job satisfaction, high salaries, and high demand. Why, then, aren’t the applicants flocking to take advantage? It’s complicated. The short answer is, women still don’t choose to go into the skilled trades, and the jobs described in those glowing terms above are in the electricity and renewable energy workforce, a traditionally male-dominated sector. Just 5 per cent of skilled trade jobs in electricity are held by women. Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) hopes to convince more of them to consider a career in electricity, and become “women of power.” The ... Read More »

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