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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Calls for road safety as new school year begins

When school starts again next week, everything changes for children, and for drivers. The safety of kids becomes, or should become, drivers’ main concern whenever they drive on a residential street or near a school. A writer in the Irish Independent newspaper puts it best: no child should be responsible for their own safety. The writer was reacting to the disturbing fact that twice as many children have died on the roads in that country so far this year as in all of last year. Half of them were pedestrians, the other half passengers in cars. The same warnings and reminders are being given all over the world as summer holidays end ... Read More »

Real estate industry closely regulated, but fraud does occur

A couple of current stories about real estate fraud draw attention to one of the fundamental assumptions we make when buying and selling property:  the assumption of trust. The lawyer who handled Toronto condo purchasers’ deposits in the Centrust case has now been arrested for fraud after more than $12 million disappeared from a trust fund being handled by her. And from Vancouver today comes news that a real estate brokerage has had its licence suspended by the Real Estate Council of BC after failing to account for trust monies held on behalf of its clients. Stories like these may make people nervous about handing over large sums of money ... Read More »

Affordability improved in Canada’s housing market: RBC

The affordability of housing in Canada improved a little in the second quarter of 2014, RBC Economics reports, mainly due to lower mortgage rates. The RBC Housing Trends and Affordability report says that housing became more affordable in “virtually all” major markets, even though prices continue to rise. Buyers were very active in the second quarter, with the resale market picking up 9.4 per cent. It was the strongest Q2 in nearly four years, one of the best on record. “Stats rolling in suggest that the upward momentum in Canada’s housing market is being sustained and further, that a sharp slowdown is not imminent,” said Craig Wright, chief economist at ... Read More »

Women drawn to architecture, but it’s still a man’s profession

In 2013, more than half of the University of Toronto’s architecture graduates were female. That should be reason to celebrate, given that in 1920 just one female graduated in architecture. She happened to be the first in Canada. The chair of the architecture department at the time did not attend the convocation, protesting the lone woman’s graduation. The woman, Esther Marjorie Hill, had to take work as an interior decorator at Eaton’s department store in Toronto because of discrimination against women. She did eventually get work as an architect, after much persistence and many obstacles overcome. Before celebrating all those new female graduates and the great progress women have made ... Read More »

Extensive amenities at new Tridel community include basketball court

The newest condo offering from Tridel, Islington Terrace, will have one of the most extensive selections of amenities anywhere in the city. Tridel has just released information about what will be available at the new community, and the list is a long one, comprising twenty-five separate items occupying 50.000 square feet of space, indoors and out. In addition to the now standard party and games rooms, rooftop lounge, barbeque area, swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool and yoga room, Islington Terrace will have its own basketball court. The basketball court will add a whole new dimension to the state-of-the-art fitness centre. As the Tridel announcement says, why join a gym when everything ... Read More »

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