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Monthly Archives: July 2014

No Supreme Court ruling on TREB privacy dispute

The Toronto Real Estate Board has hit another wall in its battle with the Competition Bureau, but says it will continue to fight. The Competition Bureau says consumers are closer to enjoying a more competitive real estate market. Both sides say they will continue to fight. What are they fighting about? In 2011, the Competition Bureau accused TREB of anti-competitive practices. The complaint centred around TREB’s refusal to make accessible certain information concerning home sales. One of the main pieces of information that TREB refuses to divulge, except between a realtor and his or her client, is the selling history of the home, including price. TREB claims that in withholding that information ... Read More »

New records, milestones in Toronto condo market

Looking for explanations for Toronto’s record-breaking condo market, the vice-president of Urbanation Inc., which has been studying that market for more than thirty years, puts it down to higher consumer confidence, along with some good deals and attractive new openings. The research company released its second-quarter analysis of the condo market today, noting that 5,992 new condos were sold, a performance that was “well above expectations.” A new milestone was reached in the second quarter: more than100,000 units were in active development during those three months. All together there were 105,027 units in the pre-construction, under construction and occupancy phases. The number of units sold also reached a ten-year high, ... Read More »

When police and privacy rights clash

These days when we hear the word “privacy” we tend to think in terms of sophisticated cybercrime and all the latest high-tech forms of snooping used by police and governments to spy on citizens and suspected criminals. We shouldn’t forget the old-fashioned ways our privacy can be violated, however. A nosy neighbour—or building superintendent—can make trouble just as surely as an electronic spy. As a condo owner found out, apparently, when the superintendent came in to fix a leak in his suite. The story, as reported in Canadian Property Management, tells that the super noticed “suspicious materials” in the condo, which he reported to the property manager, who duly called ... Read More »

Canada’s building industry a bright spot on dim energy scorecard

When asked what makes a building green, most people, builders included, think of energy efficiency. In fact, energy efficiency is the most important factor cited by builders, especially builders of high-rise residential construction. A recent survey of builders in the US by McGraw Hill Construction found that 84 per cent of multi-family builders consider energy efficiency the biggest factor in green building. The survey also showed, however, that just over one in ten low-rise builders are actually building greener homes now than they did two years ago. A survey of builders, as of any other group, gives no more than a glimpse into the question at issue. Is there a way ... Read More »

New home sales soared in June: condo sales up 94 per cent

New homes are selling at higher-than-average rates in the GTA, particularly in the City of Toronto. RealNet Canada Inc., the official source of data about the new-home market for the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD), reports 4,608 new-home sales in June. This was the third highest June in the last decade for new home sales in the GTA. In the low-rise category—single detached homes—sales were 84 per cent higher than one year ago, an increase that RealNet called “considerable.” Low-rise home sales were 24 per cent higher than the ten-year average. The jump in new home sales was even more remarkable in the condo category, virtually doubling compared ... Read More »

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