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Monthly Archives: June 2014

What about health care? Political leaders don’t impress Ontario’s doctors

Ontario’s doctors are wondering why the campaigning political leaders don’t seem to be talking much about how they will improve the province’s health care system. As we near the end of this election campaign, the Ontario Medical Association complains that there has been “little meaningful debate” about health care and what each party plans to do to ensure its sustainability. According to OMA’s own numbers, more than 700,000 Ontarians are without access to a primary care provider—a family doctor. The doctors, who believe that the political leaders in this province are missing out on an important opportunity to influence voters, commissioned a public opinion poll on the subject and released ... Read More »

Silent urban wind turbine: the future of home power generation?

Using the wind to do useful work is at least as old as the first sailboat. In our time, generating electricity from wind turbines has become a key component of many countries’ efforts to reduce dependence on burning fossil fuels. The typical wind turbine we see consists of a tall tower with three giant blades. Turbines are often grouped together in “wind farms” to maximize effectiveness. Many who live near these farms  have complained that they blight the landscape. The second most common complaint is noise. Now there’s a new type of wind turbine from a Dutch company called The Archimedes. There are many differences between the Liam F1 Urban Wind ... Read More »

Toronto attracting more tourists than ever

No one is sure if Rob Ford has anything to do with it, but Toronto turns out to be Americans’ third favourite international vacation destination. Are all those David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno and Seth Meyers jokes paying off for TO? Could be. London and Paris are still ahead, but Toronto is right behind them in travel popularity. In its latest Hotel Price Index, says that Toronto knocked Rome out of the number three spot for American travelers for the first time since 2010. The report says that the favourable exchange rate makes it a good time for US travelers to come to Canada and explore ... Read More »

Lawyers concerned about Canadians’ mortgage literacy

Falling behind with one’s mortgage payments is not a problem that affects large numbers of Canadian homeowners. As of March of this year, according to the Canadian Bankers’ Association, just 0.31 per cent of mortgage holders were in that position: that’s 14,093 out of a total of 4,615,322 mortgages. For those few, it can be a major problem, however, creating a lot of stress, worry and anxiety. The stakes are high. But it doesn’t need to be a desperate situation. Unfortunately, it seems that many Canadians don’t know that they have certain options if their financial circumstances take a turn for the worse. A new survey by a lawyers’ group, ... Read More »

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