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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Where to buy great design for your home

On your recent trip to the French Alps town of Saint-Martin de Belleville, you stayed at the Chalet la Transhumance, where you were struck by the beauty of the architecture, and by the furnishings. A little chair particularly caught your eye. It was just what you had been looking for, perfect for your study at home,  but you hadn’t seen anything as nice in any of the stores. You asked about it, and learned that it is called the Otto Con Braccioli, the work of one of Europe’s best known designers, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. How does one go about getting one of these beautiful chairs for oneself? Can one contact the ... Read More »

Providing homes is most effective solution to homelessness, report says

Having a home of one’s own is such a basic expectation in our society that most of us can’t even contemplate how we would cope if we didn’t. Some people say it is their greatest fear in life, going broke and becoming homeless. Eating, sleeping, recreating, socializing, working, living—everything we do depends on having that place we call home. Seeing the guy panhandling outside the LCBO store, or the vacant-eyed woman dragging a shopping cart full of junk along Yonge Street is about as close as many of us ever get to the problem of homelessness. Those people, quite literally, are in a different world from us. Many of them ... Read More »

A concise guide to local food in Toronto

The growing season is well under way. Locally grown asparagus, strawberries, kale and other early-harvest crops are already available, and what a difference a few thousand kilometres make! Eat a ripe, red, succulent June strawberry you just picked with your own hands and you will never want to go back to those big, pale, hard-as-apples things they sell in the supermarkets in February. It’s enough to make the most citified of us long for some distant past when our agrarian ancestors worked the land and food tasted good (even if that never actually happened). Whether your knowledge of food extends only to the times of the day’s three principal meals, ... Read More »

Pay a deductible on mortgage insurance? How un-Canadian

Once again, an outside observer of the Canadian economy, this time the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, has warned that the country is at risk if the real estate market were to turn bad. The Canadian government’s exposure in that market, through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, is dangerously high, the OECD warns. Its latest comment on Canada’s economy makes the point that Canada insures a much higher proportion of mortgages than other countries in the OECD do, and advises that we take steps to limit that exposure. The OECD recommends imposing a deductible on mortgage insurance. As it is now, every home buyer in Canada must have mortgage ... Read More »

Good rental management a must for real estate investors

Real estate can be a great investment, but as with all investments, the best returns are usually generated by those who know what they’re doing. That’s why hiring a rental management company can help maximize your success. An experienced rental management company will take the guesswork out of handling your investment and give you “peace of mind.” The very first thing needed to ensure your success is finding the right tenant, and a good management company understands just how essential this is. Everyone wants a quality tenant who will be conscientious, pay their rent on time and care for their residence. An experienced company will have the knowledge, the resources ... Read More »

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