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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Recreational property market hitting its stride: RE/MAX

No doubt real estate professionals have always referred to it as the “recreational property market,” but for many of us, it’s still just “the cottage.” Like everything else, the cottage has changed. Lots of people, of course, still go there in summer to get away for a couple of weeks, and on weekends throughout the season. The old cottage pleasures of fishing off the end of the dock, reading in a hammock hung between a couple of towering Jack pines, swimming in the lake all afternoon under the blazing sun and gathering for roasted marshmallows around a fire on the beach when the sun goes down are just as delightful ... Read More »

Tridel launches new community-building platform for condos

What’s the worst thing about a power outage in your home (aside from the lack of power)? Not knowing what’s going on, whether it’s just your place or the whole area that’s affected, when the lights will come on again, etc, etc, etc. What’s the worst thing about getting to the airport and finding that the flight you’re there to meet is late, or cancelled? Not being able to find anyone from the airline to explain why. Time after time we hear this from people caught in predicaments: there was nobody to talk to or tell us what was happening. It doesn’t necessarily change anything, but somehow just knowing what’s ... Read More »

Optimistic Canadian companies spending on cloud computing, technology

The global economy is on the mend, but the CFOs of the world’s companies are playing it safe and watching how they spend their money. There’s an “odd mixture of hope and skepticism” at play, with CFOs looking at both aggressive investment and tightly controlled spending. According to American Express’s Global Business and Spending Monitor, it’s not just about increasing spending now that the economy is improving, but it’s about doing so “smartly.” Corporate leaders are expressing more confidence, the American Express report says, notably in Europe, where that confidence had lagged behind North America’s. Europe has also been slower to emerge from the recession than North America was. On ... Read More »

More trees, green roofs can make cities cooler

Many have heard the phrases “urban heat island” (UHI) or “heat island effect.” They refer to the phenomenon of excess heat build-up in cities when sunlight shines on the dark surfaces that dominate, mainly roadways and other paved areas, and rooftops. Human activity and lack of vegetation in a city also contribute to the heat island effect. Human activities such as driving and industry are very large contributors. Both tailpipe and smokestack emissions put greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, increasing air temperature. What you may not realize is how drastic the heat island effect can be. The temperature in a city can be an average of 4 degrees Celsius hotter ... Read More »

Enjoy downtown luxury living in Atmosphere Suites from Tridel

There are many reasons to buy a luxury home. Some buyers simply want an exceptionally nice place to live, and they have the money to afford the best. They may be young, still working, and looking for a place that’s move-in ready, already equipped with everything they need, from first-class building amenities and security to the latest green and smart features in their suite. A fair number of high-end real estate buyers are investors, looking for a secure place to leave their money for a few years, or to pass the property along to children when the time comes. Others are looking for a dream home where they can retire ... Read More »

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