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Sunday , 26 March 2017

Monthly Archives: April 2014

Modest rise in condo starts now that market has adjusted: report

Has any sector of the Canadian economy been more scrutinized than the housing market? Reports are churned out almost weekly, by both foreign and domestic bodies with an interest in the homes Canadians are buying, and how much they’re paying for them. Condominiums are of particular interest. For some observers, the condo market is a disaster waiting to happen. Not so for the players in that market, including many real estate brokers, the big banks, and the mortgage lenders, like Genworth Canada. Genworth just released, with the Conference Board of Canada, a new report on the condo market in several Canadian cities. The country’s largest private mortgage lender takes the ... Read More »

Security important to condo buyers, though city crime rates are lower

Seeking to escape the high crime rate and dangerous conditions in the big city, (insert name here) packed up and moved to a small town where he/she could raise a family in a quieter, safer environment. What’s wrong with that scenario? A very fundamental assumption: that small towns are inherently safer than big cities. The facts are different. Crime rates, as reported by Statistics Canada, are higher—43 per cent higher for one recent year—in smaller urban areas than in large ones. Small towns have more violent crime, more property crime and more break-ins than big cities. The most dangerous of the lot are small towns in the western provinces. Small ... Read More »

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