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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Consumers, businesses see improved economy ahead

Canadian businesses and consumers are feeling confident these days. Among the former, many believe that the global economy is improving, while a significant portion of the latter have confidence in the economy at home, enough to commit to making a major purchase. For both groups, the outlook is rosier than it was six months ago. Consumer confidence, as measured by Harris/Decima for the first three months of 2014, was 81.2. At the same time last year, it was 77.6, though it did reach a three-year high of 84.4 in the last quarter of 2013. The survey showed that almost twice as many Canadians (26 per cent) believe they will be ... Read More »

Toronto rated #1 world city for real estate investors

Toronto has been rated the best city in the world for long-term investment in real estate based on its resilience and ability to adapt to threat.  Vancouver and Calgary are right behind in second and third place. These cities and their real estate are particularly attractive to investors with long investment horizons, like pension funds. Top-rated cities like Toronto are safe havens for investors, in a world where instability and uncertainty often wreak havoc. This is the finding of UK-based development and management company Grosvenor, which just released a three-year-in-the-making report called Resilient Cities. Resilient cities, the report explains, are those that thrive “despite the challenges posed by climate change, ... Read More »

Where your CPP contributions end up

Every working Canadian is familiar with the Canada Pension Plan. Since 1965, every worker has contributed to it, the amount each year showing in the little box marked CPP Contributions on the T4 form at tax time. It’s one of the two pillars, the other being Old Age Security, of this country’s public retirement system. But do we know what happens to all that money we send in? In fact, that money is invested by a management group called the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, created by Act of Parliament in 1997. The CPPIB is independent of the plan itself, and operates at arm’s length from government, though its directors ... Read More »

Have you reached Mortgage Freedom Day?

Everybody has heard of “tax freedom day,” that date on the calendar when we’re supposed to stop working for the government, i.e., paying taxes, and start working for ourselves. It usually comes a couple of days later each year: 2013, June 10; 2012, June 8. (The Fraser Institute, which makes the official calculation, hasn’t released this year’s date.) But in England, they celebrate a different milestone: Mortgage Freedom Day. It is today, and it’s three days earlier than last year. The concept of Mortgage Freedom Day is similar to our tax freedom day. According to the Halifax mortgage lenders in Britain, you calculate it using your net annual income and ... Read More »

More young Canadians want to buy homes: RBC

The country’s largest residential mortgage lender has a keener than average interest in what its potential customers are thinking about home ownership, and in helping those customers come to the right decision. RBC just released the results of its 21st Annual Home Ownership Poll, and, no doubt to the bank’s delight, more Canadians plan to buy homes this year than did last year. In Ontario, nearly one in four residents—that would be about 3.38 million—indicated that they continue to see home ownership as a good way to invest their money. The Ontario number is remarkable for its large increase over last year, when just one in five residents expressed the ... Read More »

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