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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Housing affordability improved thanks to low mortgage rates

The Canadian housing market is less affordable than it has been for the past twenty-five years, but affordability did improve somewhat at the beginning of 2014. The market remains “rather lively” and there has been no “noticeable cooling” of activity. Housing data behind the most recent Desjardins Affordability Index show that Canadian households were a little better able to buy a home, even though incomes rose only by as much as average housing prices in that time. Low mortgage rates were responsible for the more favourable affordability. The greater affordability does not apply to Toronto, however. After a year of price increases of about 8 per cent, the average home ... Read More »

Uncertainty impedes IT adoption in Canadian companies: PwC

Canadian companies know that information technology is important to their success, but they don’t necessarily know how to use it effectively. That’s the finding of a new PwC study, its sixth Annual Digital IQ Survey. The survey measures how businesses “understand, value and weave technology throughout their organizations.” Technological change was identified by survey respondents as the factor most likely to affect their business over the next five years, and most organizations claim to be a “digital enterprise,” the PwC statement says. In reality, though, only a minority are truly there, and can be said to have high “Digital IQ.” The survey found that there is a gap between knowing ... Read More »

How to become a billionaire entrepreneur

Here is what you need to do to become a billionaire “superentrepreneur.” Live in a country with low tax rates, a low regulatory burden, and a government that encourages entrepreneurship (mainly through low tax rates, especially capital gains tax). Go to school, and stay there until you have a Ph.D. Be creatively destructive, and choose a field that is in growth mode. A report called “SuperEntrepreneurs . . . and how your country can get them” by Tino and Nima Sanandaji for the Centre for Policy Studies, examines one thousand self-made men and women who have made at least $1 billion and have made it onto the Forbes magazine lists ... Read More »

Ontario Real Estate Association blasts Toronto land transfer tax

The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) has come out with all guns blazing against Toronto’s Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT), citing several new reports that condemn the tax as a job-killing, economy-stifling wet blanket that must be repealed. Since the tax took effect in 2008, OREA says, Toronto has lost out on almost 40,000 home resales, lost $2.3 billion in economic activity and lost nearly 15,000 full-time jobs. Those lost jobs would have pumped three-quarters of a billion dollars of wages and salaries into the local economy. With a recent Ipsos Reid survey, an Altus Group study and a C.D. Howe Institute study to back it up, OREA says flatly ... Read More »

Tridel’s Aqualina honoured at BILD Awards for design, sales team

Each year the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) hands out awards for the best of the year’s home-building projects in the GTA. Awards are given in forty-seven different categories, for both high-rise and low-rise developments. The categories include marketing, public relations, design, community building and green building practices, as well as several special awards. The thirty-fourth annual awards were presented on April 25. In the high-rise category, Tridel Corporation won the award for Best High-Rise Building Design for its groundbreaking new Aqualina at Bayside condominiums. The building, which will be the first residential component of an entirely new master-planned community under development on the waterfront, just east of ... Read More »

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