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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Renovation season is here for 4 in 10 Canadians

The home renovating industry looks like having a big year in Canada, even better than last year. Four in ten Canadians plan to renovate their homes this year, spending an average of $20,000 on the job. That’s up significantly from last year; in 2013 the average spend was $15,300. Ontarians will spend even more ($23,879) on upgrading their bathrooms, kitchens, floors and on general upkeep, according to a new poll by CIBC. Being a bank, CIBC offers a sound financial tip to prospective home renovators, the most basic of all being: Get it in writing. The world of contractors can be a dangerous place for the unwary and the uninformed. ... Read More »

Baby boomers about to flood housing market: reports

Another report predicting a mass migration of baby boomers, this one from Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate (BHGRE) in the US, says that more than 43 million of the 49–67-year-olds in that country plan to move from their current homes in coming years, and intend to maintain an independent, active lifestyle, unfettered by a high-maintenance home. Most do not see themselves living in retirement communities either. Many of them, approximately one-quarter, also think it likely that they will buy a second home for vacationing. This coming surge in the housing market no doubt has the real estate industry salivating. The CEO of BHGRE said in a statement that the ... Read More »

US to cede control of Internet domains: good thing, or dangerous?

The US government recently announced that it would give up its control of key Internet domain name functions. This move is the final step in the privatization of the Domain Name System (DNS) as outlined by the US government in 1997. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has asked the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to convene “global stakeholders” and to come up with a proposal for transitioning those domain name functions. Once this is done, the US government will have no further legal control over the Internet. The question then becomes, who will ICANN report to? Those domain name functions include administering the database that ... Read More »

This is your chance to name a major new waterfront street

How cool would it be to name the street you lived on? Not many get to do that these days, but there is a chance right now to name a major new street in one of Toronto’s most exciting new neighbourhoods on the waterfront. We are referring to Bayside, now under development by Waterfront Toronto. The street that needs a name is the main waterfront drive in the new neighbourhood. It forms a wide U, connecting with Queen’s Quay at its eastern and western ends, and running along the waterfront in between.  The Bayside neighbourhood: an intelligent, master-planned community Bayside Toronto is a 10-acre site, south of Queen’s Quay between ... Read More »

Real estate council aims to take the emotion out of home buying

So much is written and preached about the right way to buy a home these days you’d never imagine that ordinary folks have been doing it for generations, more or less successfully, more or less on their own. People just seemed to know how to find a home they could afford, knew enough to think ahead to when they would raise a family in that home, and often did so well in choosing the family home that they never moved again. But today,  though we have more information and advice available to us than at any other time in history, it seems we have lost the ability to think clearly ... Read More »

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