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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Don’t forget the groceries when choosing a condo

Ever wonder, when you’re driving along the Gardiner downtown, where the residents of all those new condo towers go to buy groceries? It’s all well and good to live downtown, close to all the big attractions, with great transit availability and even the ability to walk to work, but is it easy to pop down to a grocery store when you need a box of cereal or a bunch of carrots? Is that area of Toronto actually a “food desert,” a neighbourhood without easy access to “healthy” food? We recently reported that Toronto has been rated quite high for walkability. More than one neighbourhood in Toronto, according to a new ... Read More »

Have your say: vote for BILD’s People’s Choice Award

It’s finally spring, and that means it’s that time again for the residential building industry to pay tribute to itself and hand out awards for all the best it has to offer. The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) recently announced the finalists for the upcoming BILD awards. One of the top awards is for Home Builder of the Year, and this year’s nominees are Tridel Corporation, Great Gulf Homes, Monarch Corporation and Mattamy Homes Limited. This award, says BILD, goes to the builder “who sets the standard for the rest of the industry” by showing the building and development industry in the best light. The winner is selected ... Read More »

Condo market could gain from single-family shortage in Toronto

Measured by rising prices, global property markets are recovering well. Improving economic conditions, including low borrowing costs, are buoying confidence in the real estate sector around the world. Scotiabank’s latest survey of international house prices finds that prices rose in two-thirds of the markets looked at. In last year’s survey, prices had risen in just 40 per cent of markets. Canada is near the top of the rising house prices chart, posting an 8 per cent year-over-year gain in the final quarter of 2013. Only China, Peru and Colombia had stronger price gains. The Scotiabank Economics report says that Canada’s housing sector is now moving onto a “more sustainable trajectory,” with lower ... Read More »

New high-tech group wants to take us to cyberspace

Many believe that the Internet as we know it has not lived up to its potential, that we have, in fact, barely scratched the surface of its life-changing potential. Among those who believe this are some of the most important corporations with a direct interest in the future of the Internet: AT&T, Cisco, GE, Intel and IBM. This elite who’s who of high tech have now formed a non-profit group to study how to bring about the much-vaunted “Internet of things” which, the tech giants say, is still in its infancy. We are on the verge, they say, of an Industrial Internet Revolution. The new group, called the Industrial Internet ... Read More »

BMO’s cut-rate mortgage shows lack of worry about housing market

Is it a coincidence that the Bank of Montreal cut its five-year fixed mortgage rate back to the same level—2.99 per cent—that earned it a rebuke from the then-Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, just a week after that minister stepped down? It is, according to BMO. The bank cut the mortgage rate because bond yields have fallen and the busy spring real estate market is underway. A bank has to stay competitive. BMO is the first of the big banks to offer this rate on a five-year fixed mortgage. Jim Flaherty’s successor, Joe Oliver, didn’t seem overly bothered by the bank’s move. He said today that he would continue to ... Read More »

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