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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: February 2014

No significant mismatch in rental market: CIBC

Investors who have bought into the Toronto and Vancouver condo markets, or are considering doing so,  have no reason to fear a major correction in either of those markets any time soon. Canada’s “real estate bears,” who have been predicting dire things for the market for several years now will have to continue to wait, says Benjamin Tal of CIBC World Markets. In his latest writing on the Canadian rental market and its relationship to the condo sector, he projects a “much gentler adjustment” than many may fear. In fact, it will barely be noticed. The fear most often heard is that investors in the condo market will simply walk ... Read More »

YMCA/Air Miles study shows we will exercise for rewards

Here’s further proof that people will do unpleasant things if there’s sufficient reward. The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) teamed with YMCA Canada and Air Miles for Social Change in a pilot project to find out whether people will go the gym more if they can accumulate Air Miles by doing so. The conclusion? They will! Most members at the participating YMCAs went to the gym more often than they did before the program started. Y members took to the program so enthusiastically that results of the study, which is still going on, have exceeded the expectations of organizers. The number of people who signed up for the program ... Read More »

Dog runs, pet spas, grooming areas: the new pet-friendly condo

Since about half of Canadians have pets, and since more than half of all new homes built in Toronto are condos, it follows that many pet owners will also live in condos. With thousands of new condos coming to market each year in Toronto, we’re going to see thousands more dogs moving in with their owners. There’s evidence that everyone recognizes the new reality of a burgeoning dog population. Realtors routinely list pet-friendly condos on their web sites because they are asked for this information so often. Chestnut Park, for one, lists about two dozen high-end condos just in Yorkville, giving potential buyers info like weight restrictions and number of ... Read More »

Kinetic “Evolution Door” is unlike any other

Doors have a unique place in any room or building. Generally speaking, you can’t go in or out without a door. Doors were considered so important, in a symbolic way, that they even had their own god, the two-faced Roman deity Janus, who looks forward and backwards at the same time. We keep his name alive in the month of January, that month of looking ahead and looking back. The importance of the door can be seen in the way it has been treated through the centuries, from the great ceremonial bronze doors of ancient temples and churches to the imposing, ornately carved wooden doors that swing open for kings ... Read More »

BMO outlook for 2014 sees improving economy, rebounding home sales

In most developed countries, the rising cost of homes has outstripped workers’ earnings at certain times; in England’s case, the gap has almost tripled since 1997. A survey by an organization known as Shelter found that the wage/home price gap in England has led 4.1 million adults to abandon their dream of owning a home. Almost half, 1.8 million of them, are aged 25 to 44, the very group that ought to be most active in the real estate market. Advocates for affordable housing are blaming the government in England for not doing enough to help working people as they struggle to buy a home. The average English home in 1997 ... Read More »

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