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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Small footprint kitchens: Maximize space without sacrificing style

While a lot of home design trends focus on big, beautiful kitchens, it’s not an option for most condo dwellers.  Thankfully, minimal space doesn’t have to mean minimal style. In fact, with the right styling, storage and appliances, a small-footprint kitchen can still be the most desirable room in your home.  Here are five tips to help you create a kitchen design that maximizes space without sacrificing aesthetics. Get appliances off the countertop.  Getting small appliances off the countertop and built into existing cabinetry opens up a space significantly. Appliance manufacturers are catching on and creating both stunning and high-performance systems for the small footprint kitchen. The Jenn-Air 24” built-in ... Read More »

Three clever ways to enjoy music invisibly

When living space is limited, creative use of that space becomes essential. Designers of furniture and home products have responded to the changing realities of people’s living space by reimagining many household items we all use, from beds to light fixtures to appliances. One item most households have is a sound system of some description. Audio engineers and designers have long been attracted to the challenge of creating new forms for basic components of a system such as speakers. Today, the trend is not only to smaller speakers but to total invisibility! A speaker that is “almost” invisible is the Clio™.  It’s not quite invisible because it occupies space, and you ... Read More »

National home sales dip, Vancouver deals with end of millionaire visas

Calling the performance of the Canadian housing market in January “a weather report of sorts,” the chief economist for the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) said that the Polar Vortex that froze us through much of the month also put a dent in new construction and sales. Gregory Klump says he’s watching for a “rebound” in Southern Ontario as February progresses, blaming the January sales dip on the cold weather, not the cold feet of home buyers. Nationally, home sales fell 3.3 per cent from December to January, though activity in January was slightly (0.4 per cent) above January 2013 levels. It was the fifth month in a row to ... Read More »

Mortgage tips for Canadians looking south

A couple of trends are making it more difficult for Canadians to find those exceptional real estate bargains we got used to in the United States: our dollar has lost about 10 per cent of its value over the past year, and US residential real estate has gained even more. Whether Canadians continue to buy Florida and Arizona real estate is of more than passing interest on both sides of the border. From the Americans’ point of view, Canadians are the number one foreign purchasers of residential property in the States, buying about $15 billion worth in 2012-2013. That’s a lot of business, and they wouldn’t want to lose it. ... Read More »

Buy a home sight unseen? Why not?

Would you buy a home without seeing it first? If you’re shocked by the very idea of buying something as important as a home sight unseen, you are probably in the majority. But many buyers have no qualms about doing it, especially investors. In fact, in hot real estate markets like San Francisco, it is becoming increasingly common, and not just for investors. A house in the ritzy Sea Cliff section of SF just sold for $3.1 million to a Chinese national who had never set foot in it. And that was $300,000 above the asking price. Another buyer, also from China and also bidding blind, wanted the same house. ... Read More »

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