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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Dogs hear you, and they get it

Dogs probably don’t gloat, but humans do, especially when we’re proven right about something we knew in our heart was true, but couldn’t prove it. Once again, science to the rescue. A new scientific study has given its stamp of authority  to a fact that every dog owner has always known: dogs understand what we say to them. That’s overstating the actual finding a little. What the scientists really verified was that dogs have an area in their brains that’s similar to one in our brains, an area that specializes in voice recognition. The scientists found this by putting the dogs through an MRI scanner and monitoring how their brains ... Read More »

Does staging a home affect selling price? Maybe, maybe not.

A CBC television news item the other night might have left consumers with the mistaken impression that home staging—the process of preparing a home for marketing by making it look its best—is always necessary and very expensive. The item quoted a real estate agent who said that home staging “starts at” $2,500, and could cost much more, depending on the size of the home and other things. In fact, while it may be preferable to hire the professionals, it isn’t always necessary. If you want to save money, you can stage your home yourself for much less. But while most realtors and, obviously, home staging professionals maintain that it is ... Read More »

Bargain properties abound in Greece, but are they too risky?

Looking at a recent Bank of Greece analysis of that country’s real estate market is enough to create in a reader a sensation of falling off a cliff. Charts and graphs that illustrate prices, values, sales, price-to-rent ratios, employment, credit, and debt all move in one direction: steeply downwards. The prices of apartments (condos) in Athens and other Greek cities have plunged more than 30 per cent since 2008. The prices of all residential properties have fallen on average 38.7 per cent in the country; for commercial and industrial properties the declines have been even steeper. The number of properties sold in Greece plunged from a high of about 215,000 ... Read More »

Great opportunities in construction for those willing to move

The jobs are there, but workers don’t want to go and get them. Approximately one in four workers will soon retire, and replacing them will not be easy. That’s the message in a construction industry report from BuildForce Canada, and it’s backed up by at least one of Canada’s construction industry leaders. Worker mobility is one of the biggest problems facing the industry today. Construction needs to attract more young people, more women, more Aboriginal people, and more workers who are willing to follow the jobs. A new forecast of construction industry trends for 2014 from BuildForce Canada says that building “a new and mobile workforce” is an industry priority. ... Read More »

Toronto condo market drives early February sales

Toronto condo sales outperformed all other home types in the first two weeks of February. In fact, condo sales in Toronto (416) were greater than all other sales combined. The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) released its mid-month resale numbers today, saying that after a “slow start” to the year in January, sales growth in the Toronto market has “rebounded” in the first half of February. The number of sales reported through the Toronto MLS system in the first fourteen days of February was 2,731. This was 1.3 per cent more than for the same period last year. All of the strength was in the condo sector, however, where sales ... Read More »

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