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Saturday , 25 March 2017

Monthly Archives: February 2014

Is Bitcoin finished?

It’s not easy to get a handle on Bitcoin—what it is, where it comes from, who uses it, how much it’s worth—but the news that “Mt. Gox,” the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange, has collapsed and may have lost as much as half a billion dollars makes it worth taking a closer look. The owner of Mt. Gox, which operates out of Tokyo, said the collapse was the result of “weaknesses in the system,” understood to mean that the system was hacked and the 750,000 bitcoins belonging to customers stolen. It is not yet certain what actually happened. Before this latest news, at least one United States senator, Joe Manchin of ... Read More »

It’s Fraud Prevention Month: you can’t be too careful!

You have to hand it to the fraudsters: they can be very creative. Oh, we’ve all chuckled over those badly written, obviously phony emails from the infamous Nigerian scammers, the ones that ask you to send money to help them release large sums from a bank in some war-torn country, on the promise that you will receive a generous cut. Compared to those crude efforts, the real pros are masters of sophistication. A woman in Ottawa was recently horrified to learn that her condo, which she had listed for sale on Kijiji, was listed on another real estate site for less than half the price she was asking. The fake ... Read More »

Tridel Gold Award Winner at 2014 Connected World

  Awarded for Use of Clear Blue Technologies’ Solar and Wind Streetlights at Bayside Toronto Development Toronto, ON. February 27, 2014—  Tridel, Canada’s leading condominium developer, was honoured with a Gold Award in the Energy category of the 2014 Connected World magazine Connected World Awards. The award was given for an installation of solar and wind-powered streetlights developed by Clear Blue Technologies, the Smart Off-Grid company, which was honoured as the technology enabler for this Gold Award. These streetlights use Clear Blue’s Horizon cloud software to continually stream data about all components of the lights over a KORE M2M network. This enables Tridel to both remotely monitor and control the lights ... Read More »

Smart cities guru to speak at Toronto renewable energy show

Toronto will be the centre of the renewable energy universe for a couple of days in April when the All-Energy 2014 conference comes to town. The “multi-stream” event, a one-stop shop for buyers and sellers in the global renewable energy market, will bring together exhibitors and speakers from all sectors of the industry. With its focus sharply on the business of renewable energy, the show promises to showcase the latest technologies as well as the commercial opportunities that exist around the world. In the words of the show’s promotional brochure, “Get ready to meet new contacts, grow your sales and transform your business.” The program for the two-day event is ... Read More »

March is Nutrition Month: eat healthy, if you can

March is Nutrition Month. This is another of those well-meaning public campaigns intended to tell us what’s good for us and hopefully persuade a few people to get healthy about their food choices. It must be a losing battle, based on what anyone can observe by taking a quick trip to any supermarket or shopping mall. With no claim to scientific accuracy, we conclude that most people still prefer their foods sugary, starchy, fatty and, best of all, prepared and ready to eat. But the Dieticians of Canada bravely carry on, putting out their tips and apps and videos designed to “help Canadian families to simply get cooking.” That is ... Read More »

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