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Saturday , 25 March 2017

Monthly Archives: December 2013

GTA residents feeling bullish about real estate: OREA

Optimism far outweighs pessimism in Ontario, at least with respect to the housing market and the benefits of owning a home, but also regarding the economy at large. Residents of the GTA and the city of Toronto are most optimistic of all, both for the economy and for the real estate market. The results of new research conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) show that the majority of Ontarians (59 per cent) believe that the current real estate market is “favourable.” Fewer than two in ten (18 per cent) believe the opposite, while the remainder are neutral in their assessment. More Ontarians believe ... Read More »

Canadians ending year in positive mood about economy, real estate

Canadian consumers are feeling pretty good about themselves, their jobs, the real estate market and the economy at large as we head into a new year. This is the conclusion of the latest year-end consumer confidence reports, one from the Investors Group—Harris Decima, the other from Bloomberg Nanos. Now any market metric based on sentiment is bound to be volatile, especially when, as is the case with the Bloomberg Nanos poll, it is taken weekly. However, there has been a strong upward trend in the indices over the course of the year. The Investors Group—Harris Decima Index of Consumer Confidence shows that Canadian consumer confidence rose steadily throughout 2013, rising ... Read More »

Canadians have high expectations for their apps: study

Canadians like their technology. So much so that many of us would rather have permanent Internet connectivity than morning coffee, alcohol or even sex. Generation D particularly, as the “digital” or “device” generation is already known, is becoming increasingly dependent on and optimistic about technology, as corroborated by a new report commissioned by Rogers Communications. That dependence, some think, could go as far as replacing face-to-face interactions with virtual communication exclusively—text, social media and email. A Harris-Decima survey of slightly more than 1,000 Canadian smartphone or tablet users found that they expect technology to be even more important to their lives in the next five years. And the tech providers ... Read More »

What makes a smart home smart?

What makes a smart home smart? It’s all about connectivity and control. In the truly smart home, everything—appliances, security devices, thermostat, computers—is connected, and everything talks to everything else. You, the smart resident, can control it all with the click of a key on your smartphone or remote control device, from anywhere in the world. Today’s smart home may be defined in terms of the three main functions of the home itself: the home is where you expect to be comfortable, safe, and able to pursue the interests and hobbies that make you happy. In short, home is security, comfort, and entertainment. Entertainment Beginning with entertainment, it’s obvious that the ... Read More »

What to do when the power goes out in your condo

It seems like we’re experiencing more extreme weather than we used to in the GTA. When the lights go out, most people get out the candles or flashlights and go to bed early. If you live in a high-rise condominium, there are some things that will specifically affect you and your home that are different from living in a single family home. First, make sure that the power outage is building wide and not just in your suite. If the power outage only affects your home, the first thing to do is check your in-suite electrical panel. If it is a community-wide power outage, your condominium will have a generator ... Read More »

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