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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Book on Toronto real estate given award

People often ask whether investing in real estate is a wise thing to do. The short answer to that question could be: Donald Trump. With one of the most recognizable names in the world today, Trump heads the Trump Organization. This organization modestly calls itself “the world’s only global luxury real estate super-brand,” and claims to be responsible for many of the world’s most recognized developments. And now, among all of his other accomplishments, Trump can add this one: he is listed on the “testimonials” page on the website of a Toronto realtor and author, Chris Allen, who has written a book about the Toronto real estate market. The connection ... Read More »

Mortgage lenders in US reported easing up to spur growth

Getting approved for a mortgage in the US is possibly a little easier today than it was a year ago, though that doesn’t seem to be making a difference in the market. In fact, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) complains that tight credit remains “unnecessarily restrictive,” preventing some financially qualified buyers from getting a mortgage. If consumers lack access to financing, the housing recovery could be jeopardized, especially given that interest rates are expected to rise in the US, as they are in Canada. The NAR regularly conducts large national surveys of US home buyers to gather demographic and other information. The latest confirms that one group has been ... Read More »

Now stores can follow you through their LED lights

The GPS (global positioning system), which was originally created for military purposes, is now standard issue navigating technology for all kinds of consumer applications, from cars to smartphones. But while it’s great for finding our way from here to there in the great outdoors, it hasn’t been so successful as an indoor navigator. Once we go inside, it becomes less reliable. Contact with the satellites becomes an issue, and the microwave radiation that powers the system gets scrambled by all the walls and ceilings and other obstacles in a typical indoor environment. So IPS, or the indoor positioning system, hasn’t had much success to date. But one US company has ... Read More »

Suite releases and construction updates from Tridel

Parc Nuvo is sold out, and the sales office is now closed. If you own a condo at Parc Nuvo, Essex 1 & 2 or Nuvo 1 & 2, and need to purchase additional parking spots, call Kim Fraser at 416 620 1887. A limited number of parking spots remain. West Village Affordable condominium homes are still available at Etobicoke’s West Village 1 & 2, but they are selling fast. Just released are four new suite designs on the top floors, starting at $290.000. Visit the presentation centre at 6 Eva Road north of Bloor Street West off the West Mall or check floorplans here. Construction is progressing rapidly at ... Read More »

A room with a boo! Some like it haunted.

People sure are funny. On the one hand, most of us say we don’t believe in ghosts, but mention that a particular house is haunted and most of us suddenly get all queasy about it. So much so that a person selling a “haunted” house is bound by law in many places to tell potential buyers. In the eyes of the law, the presence of residents from the other world has the same importance for a real estate transaction as the presence of termites or mould. As we said, people are funny. But not everyone is afraid of ghosts. It turns out that there are plenty of people out there ... Read More »

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