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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Ontario universities say degree is best ticket to employment

If you want to be sure of getting a job in your field of study at university, go into dentistry, forestry, optometry or veterinary medicine. Graduates in those four disciplines had 100 per cent success in finding employment in their chosen field within six months of graduation. Except for those in forestry, these grads also earned considerably more than others right from the get-go. On the other hand, you are least likely to find work in mathematics. Even theology grads do better than mathematicians. All told, however, university graduates do very well in finding work in their fields, and in earning power. A total of 82.3 per cent of graduates ... Read More »

Canadians continue to feel positive about their mortgages

The roughly five and a half million Canadians who hold mortgages on their homes are pretty pleased with themselves, on the whole. They use words like “comfortable,” “confident,” “content,” and “secure” to describe themselves in relation to their mortgage debt—all very healthy and sensible. Most of them have a good amount of equity in their homes, and they regard a mortgage as “good” debt, worth the short-term pain for the sake of the long-term gain. A good number of them pay their mortgages off faster than the contract requires, and most are very confident about the housing market in general. This is the portrait of the Canadian mortgage holder that ... Read More »

Spadina-Queen; Toronto’s best downtown neighbourhood?

The difference between a living city street and a mere paved route that serves as a thoroughfare is character. Real streets ooze character and personality. They provide levels of experience and meaning for the people who live in or visit them, and a life in the imagination of  people who may never have seen them. In Toronto, two streets that throb with character and with life are Spadina and Queen. That character changes almost from block to block, making them two of the best streets in the city to explore and get to know. They are two of the oldest streets in the city, with origins that date back to ... Read More »

Toronto market remains hot in November

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) reported last week that Canadian home sales in October were down slightly compared to September, with 3.2 per cent fewer sales across the country. It was the first dip, nationally, since last February, and it prompted more comments and headlines about the on-going correction in the housing market. In Toronto, however, there was no such dip in October: on the contrary, home sales were higher in October whether measured month over month (8,000 in October 2013 compared to 7,411 in September) or year over year (8,000 compared to 6,713 in October 2012). The Toronto Real Estate Board characterized the Toronto market as being in ... Read More »

Charity lotteries are not a good bet: study

If you’re like most people in Canada, you may believe that by buying a lottery ticket in aid of a certain charitable group, hospital or non-profit organization, you are doing something worthwhile. You may have some idea that since we Canadians spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on these charity lotteries, that money must be doing a lot of good, funding medical research, and hospital building, and all kinds of great things. You may even think that most of the cost of the ticket you buy goes to that charitable work and research, and that you are contributing to “a good cause.” It turns out, maybe not so ... Read More »

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