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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Philips and Desso creating LED-lit carpeting

The idea of weaving lights into the fabric of a carpet—into the fabric of anything, really—would have seemed a little daft until recently. How can people walk on something as fragile as a light bulb? might be one of the first questions to occur to one. But the technology of the LED (light-emitting diode) has developed so rapidly that LEDs are turning up in all kinds of surprising applications. The latest is, in fact, carpets. The global appliance and electronics company Philips has joined with carpet manufacturer Desso to develop solutions that combine LED lighting with light-transmissive carpet. (This is not the same as those strips of LEDs that you ... Read More »

Toronto new home sales spike in October

Understanding housing market cycles in Toronto can be challenging. The usual factors that cause the rises and falls in market activity don’t seem to apply these days. The Bank of Canada’s overnight lending rate, which affects mortgage interest rates, which in turn affect people’s decisions to buy a home, hasn’t changed in more than three years. It has been set at 1 per cent since September, 2010, and indications are it will remain there for another year at least. That seems to take interest rates out of the equation. We did not experience a subprime mortgage crisis like the one that engulfed the US market half a dozen years ago, ... Read More »

Grand opening of exceptional SQ condos from Tridel

The latest offering from Toronto’s foremost condominium developer promises to be one of the most outstanding of all—SQ, for Spadina and Queen, from Tridel, officially launches Saturday, November 23. Buyers interested in living or investing in one of the most unique condo developments in the city can get a closer look at SQ starting at noon this Saturday, at the Queen Street West presentation centre. Already being talked about for its stunning architecture, the fourteen-storey condominium building will occupy a unique place in the city’s huge re-development of the Alexandra Park community to the north and west. It also occupies a highly desirable place in one of the city’s most ... Read More »

Condo rentals at record highs in Toronto

Searching for a home to buy is exciting, even joyous, most people would probably agree. There may be disappointment along the way, even heartbreak, and it can certainly take a good deal of time and effort, but somehow one doesn’t mind, because the result will be (one imagines) that perfect home. Searching for an apartment to rent is similar—without the joyous part. In today’s Toronto, with very low vacancy rates in purpose-built apartment buildings, many of which are forty or fifty years old now, finding an apartment that isn’t tired, not to say awful, can be a challenge. The famous Toronto condo boom is helping. As the Toronto Real Estate ... Read More »

UN draws attention to world’s water, sanitation crisis

We missed it by a day, but better late . . . Yesterday was World Toilet Day, a UN-recognized event intended to raise awareness about the global problem of poor sanitation faced by 2.5 billion people every day. One factoid that neatly captures the scope of the problem is this: more people have mobile phones than have toilets. Six billion of the world’s seven billion inhabitants have access to a mobile phone: just 4.5 billion have a toilet. That is according to the UN. The UN, which declared access to sanitation and water a human right, has set 2015 as a target date for cutting in half the number of ... Read More »

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