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Sunday , 26 March 2017

Monthly Archives: October 2013

App makes shopping at home fun

You’re sitting around your apartment feeling dissatisfied. Something’s just not working in this place, you say to yourself. Is it a new sofa that’s required? An armchair? But what kind? What colour would look best? And how can you be sure it will fit in with the rest of the décor? If only there was a way to see what actual furniture—tables, chairs, lamps—would look like in this space, not in some showroom where everything looks perfect. Well, there is! And it is so cool you have to wonder why nobody did this before. It is the augmented reality (AR) 2014 IKEA catalog.     Using a free app for ... Read More »

Commercial, retail, resort: varied styles of condo ownership

For some business owners, owning the space they operate in could make more sense than leasing existing premises or building their own. For these businesses—a doctor’s practice, an architectural firm, a small law office, a self-employed accountant—the condominium option might work better. Instead of paying rent, the business owner pays a mortgage, just as a private individual would, with the added benefits of having common element concerns such as landscaping, maintenance and snow removal taken care of by the condo management. Having a mortgage with a fixed rate for a number of years also gives a small business an advantage in long-term budgeting. It’s an option that seems to be ... Read More »

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