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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Getting good tenants is key to successful condo investing

Real estate broker and contributor Alan Sharpe shares some thoughts about the importance of finding good tenants when you buy a condo as an investment property. Buying a Condominium for Rental Income Means Investing in a Person As Well As a Property Alan Sharpe When you buy a condominium apartment or townhouse, you are investing in a person as well as a property. Your unit will only generate monthly income for you if you have a dependable tenant, and you will only have a dependable tenant if you buy the kind of unit that your tenant wants to rent. Different types of tenants have different needs. Seniors, for example, look ... Read More »

Tim Hortons one of world’s 100 most loved brands: survey

The idea that people can “love” a company may seem strange to you, but not to marketers. A global consultancy that makes such strange things its business has just released its list of “100 Most Loved Companies” in the world. The list is the result of a survey of 70,000 individuals, who were asked their opinions about more than 600 corporate brands in “key” markets around the world. Tim Hortons is the only Canadian brand to make the top 100 list. It came second, after Subway, in the “quick service” (fast food to you and me) category, and 61st overall. That puts it ahead of McDonalds and, probably most satisfyingly ... Read More »

Toronto ranked second in world by reputation

A few months ago, we learned that Canada had been rated the number 1 country in the world by an organization called the Reputation Institute. Now that same outfit has released its list of the top cities of the world, by reputation, and Toronto is number 2, after Sidney, Australia. So woo hoo for Toronto and Canada! But does it mean anything? Does Toronto really have a better reputation in the world than London or Paris or New York? How could that be? Well, it depends on what you mean by “reputation” and how you rate the cities. In the first place, the Reputation Institute is a marketing consultancy firm ... Read More »

Bountiful harvest for community farm with $400,000 from Weston Foundation

A ground-breaking community farm in Toronto received a welcome gift today from the W Garfield Weston Foundation. A grant of $400,000 over three years will be put to use by the Black Creek Community Farm to restore woodlands on the site, create a “food forest and gardens” and provide community programming. Black Creek Community Farm, which calls itself Toronto’s “first full-scale organic vegetable farm,” is managed by a group of farm-and-food-oriented organizations including Everdale, a charity that uses urban farming as a tool for building community. Everdale teaches people “of all ages and all backgrounds” about farming in the urban setting. FoodShare and Afri-Can Food Basket are the other partners ... Read More »

Green renovations pay off, says Scotiabank

Most Canadian homeowners want to make their homes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, according to a ScotiaBank Home Renovations Poll. It found that two-thirds (66 per cent) of Canadian homeowners are likely to consider making green home renovations, even if they were more costly than non-green renovations. About the same number of Canadians agree that making green improvements in their home will lower operating costs in the longer run, and a slight majority (52 per cent ) agree that green renovations will improve the home’s value. Some of the renovations most Canadians would consider range from larger projects, like installing solar heating, to smaller things like ultra-low flush toilets. ... Read More »

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