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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Shorter interim occupancy time an advantage for condo buyers

As with road work on a major city street, so with the purchase of a pre-construction condominium: expect delays. But for how long? Road construction crews usually put up a sign giving the duration of the traffic-slowing lane closures. Condominium builders also give buyers a schedule, marking every milestone between first closing and final, full ownership of the newly built home. But there can still be delays along the way. To plan your life while you wait to move into your new condo, you should be aware of potential delays beforehand. Even better, you should know that the builder you’re buying from has a reputation for being on time, or ... Read More »

How to choose the best wireless plan

The holiday season is a great time to take advantage of special offers on smartphones. Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a friend or family member, you’ll need to choose a wireless plan that lets you get the most out of that new device. Here’s a great little guideline: Choosing a carrier First thing’s first: Make sure you get coverage at home, work and anywhere else you plan to take your wireless device. Look for a carrier that offers fast and extensive LTE, or Long Term Evolution, network coverage. This fourth-generation wireless technology lets you surf, stream, download and share files and photos at lightning fast speeds with no buffering ... Read More »

Inventor has green solution to arsenic contamination in world’s water

The next time you take a few seconds to run a glass of water from the kitchen tap, think about this: 40 billion person hours are spent each year in fetching water in developing countries, the equivalent of the entire population of Canada doing nothing else but fetch water for an entire year. For their efforts, 150 million of those water-fetchers will become sick, poisoned by the water they have laboured to acquire. Several million will die. Should we feel guilty about this? No. Guilt is useless. Should we do something about it? Yes. And one young man from the US has come up with an innovative solution that could ... Read More »

Slight growth in September new home sales

The low-rise housing industry in Ontario cannot be happy with the new home sales numbers that keep coming out month after month. The latest from RealNet Canada show that total September sales of new homes in the GTA were up slightly (4 per cent) over September of the previous year, but year-to-date sales are still 44 per cent below the ten-year average. The situation appears even more startling when we look at sales of new single, semi-detached, and townhomes at the end of the third quarter: those sales are 63 per cent below the ten-year average. At the same time, the RealNet New Home Price Index showed a 6 per ... Read More »

Simple tips to save money on energy this winter

Whether you live in a “typical” two-storey Ontario home, or a condominium townhouse or apartment, making a few small changes around the house can save you money on your energy bill each month. Natural gas and electricity provider Direct Energy says that implementing its recommended seven changes could save a homeowner as much as $770 a year on energy bills*. The best news is that one of the most effective of these measures is also the easiest to do. Being energy wise is all about cutting down on waste and getting the most for your energy dollar. And with colder weather setting in for the next several months, there’s no ... Read More »

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