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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Crowdfunding for real estate gets some regulation

It sounds like a good idea, of the “too good to be true” variety. Crowdfunding in the real estate market is here, and promises to be fun and profitable and good for society all at the same time, if you believe the boosters. Sites are advertising “consistent return potential” of up to 15 per cent, and you can become a real estate investor “within minutes.” But is it as good an idea as the new proponents say? It’s still just finding its way, in terms of regulation. To get an idea of how new this all is, consider that the Securities and Exchange Commission, the federal agency in the US ... Read More »

Small-space appliances

Looking to maximize your space? Condo and apartment dwellers can rejoice — sleek innovations in refrigerators, cooktops, wall ovens, hoods and laundry appliances offer ample features without sacrificing style or square-footage. Here are the latest products perfect for smaller spaces from KitchenAid, Whirlpool and Jenn-Air Condo-Friendly Appliances Smaller kitchens are a reality when it comes to condos and apartments. Standard ovens and cooktops range from 30″ to 36″ in width, cutting into storage space and room on the countertop for food prep. A 24″ built-in true convection oven or cooktop from KitchenAid fits beautifully in a compact kitchen without sacrificing functionality. The new 24″ induction, electric and gas cooktops each offer four cooking zones ... Read More »

Home buyers want good personal service, despite real estate’s tech advances

In just one short decade, the way people buy and sell homes has changed dramatically, thanks to rapidly evolving technology. It might be safe to say that we have seen more behaviour-changing technologies in the past ten years than in the entire previous century. But in spite of all the technological changes, people still want their realtors to be honest and trustworthy. That’s the finding of a survey done by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in the US. Take the most obvious innovation, the now ubiquitous smartphone. Ten years ago they didn’t exist as we know them today—Blackberry’s first smartphone and the Android platform date to 2003, and the ... Read More »

If you can’t close, assign

What if you bought a pre-construction condo three years ago, and since then you’ve been transferred to another city by your employer, or you’ve lost your job, or you’ve just changed your mind about living there? The building is nearing completion, you’ve been given a firm date to move in to begin the interim occupancy period, and the builder expects to register the building within three months. Shortly after that, you will have to close on the property. What can you do to get out of this deal? You can’t sell your condo: technically you don’t own it yet. But you can sell your contract with the developer in a ... Read More »

Aging boomers want to stay in their homes, but can they?

The vast majority of baby boomers, whether retired or close to it, would rather stay in their own homes than move in with relatives or make any other living arrangement as they grow old, even if it’s not the home they currently live in. A whopping 91 per cent of them found this scenario most appealing when asked in a recent survey for RBC. When you throw in the necessity of health care for those aging bodies, the most appealing situation becomes staying in the current home and paying for home care as needed: 83 per cent would prefer that. Assisted living—living in a retirement residence with care provided—would be ... Read More »

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