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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Herman Miller has new vision of the modern office

Do you feel disconnected and out of sync, your needs unmet, in a shifting landscape of work? Do you feel that your workplace is beset by uncertainty and disruption? Are you unmotivated by the way your workplace is equipped and managed? Do you feel that your workplace is “from another era”? Of course you do. You are a modern worker, and the world you work in has not kept pace with all the dramatic changes that have overtaken every aspect of the global economy, from structures and organizations to workforce demographics to the personal needs of workers. It is a frightening picture they paint, this workplace of unfulfilled ambitions and ... Read More »

Infrastructure, power projects driving resurgence in global construction industry

Optimism prevails in the global construction industry, which finds itself in better shape today than it was four or five years ago, when the world entered a period of economic uncertainty. Based on rising backlogs and healthy margins, a majority of the world’s construction companies say they have seen an upward trend since 2010. However, market conditions have not completely recovered to where they were six to eight years ago. The survey from which these views emerged was done by the international consultancy KPMG, titled, optimistically, “Ready for the next big wave?” Each of the 165 participants was personally interviewed “face to face” by a KPMG consultant, a fact that ... Read More »

Tips from the experts for Financial Literacy Month

Is it a coincidence that one of the gloomiest months of the year, November, is Financial Literacy Month in Canada? And that Credit Education Week Canada also falls in the dull, cold month that has only one saving grace, that it is followed by festive December? Perhaps all the talk about responsible credit and minding our money is supposed to help keep us from overdoing it at Christmas? In any case, a coalition of very serious sounding groups is organizing another financial literacy month, beginning Friday, November 1, and they have all sorts of information to help us avoid going into debt. Two of these groups, Credit Canada Debt Solutions ... Read More »

Green bonds could help fund GTA transit growth

Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne has announced that her government will issue the first green bonds in Canada for the purpose of funding public transit. This is the first new transit-specific fund-raising method proposed by Wynne, and it’s also the first that would be entirely voluntary. Other proposed funding tools would involve taxes and levies of various kinds, all of which have been opposed by interest groups in the province, including the development industry and businesses. Metrolinx, the body that oversees transit in the GTA, needs to raise $2 billion a year for the next twenty years to fund all the transit expansion plans on the table at the present. The ... Read More »

Luxury condos from Tridel nearing completion near Lawrence Park

News that Honest Ed’s has been sold was not unexpected, but it’s still kind of a shock, the way the death of a beloved, ailing old relative, who lived far longer than anyone thought she would, is still a shock when it finally comes. That the buyer is the same group that built the luxury condo/hotel Shangri-La on University Avenue is not much of a surprise—it had to be some outfit like that—though there’s a nice irony in it. From cheap home furnishings and free Christmas turkeys to luxury condominiums. For the millions of Torontonians, from every imaginable ethnic and socio-economic background, who happily shopped there over the decades, seeing ... Read More »

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