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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Monkey Lights stop traffic at night, so you’re safer on your bike

An engineer at the MIT Media Lab has combined his love of cycling with his scientific bent to create the LED art bike, better known as the Monkey Light.  The first models had a clear plastic frame with LED lights that fit inside the wheel and created simple colourful light patterns. Striking yes, and cooler than most bike lights you’d see on the road. But nothing at all compared to the really jaw-dropping product that MonkeyLectric, the company he co-founded, has now created, with a lot of help from KickStarter crowd funding. Monkey Light Pro is the latest, dazzling offering from MonkeyLectric. Not only does it make you visible at ... Read More »

Group calls for tough regulation of condo managers

The Ontario government has been reviewing the Condominium Act for a number of months now, but the announcement that it is considering requiring condominium managers to demonstrate some kind of qualifications for the job might come as a bit of a shock to condo owners. “Do you mean to say they don’t have to do so now?” one might reasonably gasp. And that’s the truth of it: they don’t. As wiseGEEK so tellingly puts it, “There are normally no educational requirements for this position.” This is surprising, to say the least. After all, the condominium is a corporation, a multi-million-dollar business. The individual owners are its shareholders. In what other ... Read More »

Landmark Toronto skyscraper achieves LEED Gold

To understand the importance of the Toronto Dominion Centre in the development of Toronto as a city with global ambitions in the financial sector, just look at photos of the Toronto skyline in 1970. Besides the Royal York Hotel and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce headquarters on King Street, there is nothing else there. The two black towers designed by the famous modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe—the cluster that comprises the present-day site came later—stand forlorn against the sky. But those two towers symbolized what Toronto wanted to become, and they influenced a whole generation of architects who followed, and shaped the city as it is now. ... Read More »

New record in Toronto commercial real estate investment

Toronto’s housing market may have returned to normal levels over the last few months, but the commercial real estate sector is setting new records. Investment in commercial real estate in Toronto reached $4.9 billion in the second quarter of 2013, according to RealNet Canada. This was higher, by $1 billion, than the previous high mark set in 2006. Compared to the same period last year, investment was up 74 per cent. And compared to the first quarter of this year, it was up 75 per cent. The biggest investment was in the office, retail and industrial sectors, at $1.4 billion, $1.2 billion and $1 billion respectively. Those numbers for office ... Read More »

RE/MAX report great source for real estate junkies and serious home buyers

Observers of the Toronto real estate market will be familiar with the general concepts: affordability draws home buyers to certain areas, and availability, or lack thereof, drives prices up. These two factors have always driven the market, and the new RE/MAX analysis of Toronto’s housing market makes it clear that they continue to do so. Single detached homes remain the most sought-after, and expensive of home types in the GTA, but it is interesting to see that over the last six months, the most widespread price gains for single homes occurred on the eastern and western flanks, not in the centre of the city. And this is what makes the ... Read More »

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