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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Exciting new photos and renderings for Aqualina at Bayside from Tridel

It isn’t every day that a condominium developer gets the opportunity to create the flagship building in an entirely new, fully planned, technologically advanced neighbourhood, minutes from downtown Toronto, and on the waterfront to boot. That exceptionally rare situation, however, presented itself to Tridel, and Toronto’s best-known condo builders have risen to the occasion by creating an exceptional building. Aqualina at Bayside on Queen’s Quay East now has a complete website to explore, with floor plans and prices and dozens of exciting new photos. There isn’t another building like it in Toronto, for its closeness to the water’s edge, its views of the city, and the open, park-like setting. Designed on a ... Read More »

Real estate dominates M&A activity in second quarter: PwC

Real estate was the top “target industry” by volume in second quarter M&A (mergers and acquisitions) activity in Canada, says PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). There were 84 transactions involving real estate, accounting for just over one-fifth of all deals by value (21.2 per cent). In total, there were 627 M&A deals in all sectors, worth $38.9 billion. PwC predicts that the real estate sector will perform “consistently, with continued momentum” going forward. The only potential drag could be the lack of quality assets available for the taking. The big buyers once again are pension funds and REITs, which, with their “voracious appetites” for yield assets, dominate among buyers and investors. Several of ... Read More »

A Seinfeld lesson: talk first if you plan to live together

The Seinfeld show ended its run on TV about fifteen years ago but lives on in re-runs. It’s still a great place to go for life lessons, believe it or not. Who better to teach what not to do than a crazy bunch of self-absorbed New Yorkers who are completely out of control and don’t realize it? The show’s episodes embody a sort of counter-etiquette for living in the modern world. Dating, eating in restaurants, going to movies, parking a car, telling the truth, personal hygiene—it’s all there, warped by the bent comic prism of Jerry Seinfeld. Remember the one where George falls in love with his new girlfriend’s apartment? ... Read More »

C.D. Howe paper urges policy changes to deal with aging workforce

We don’t usually think of the C. D. Howe Institute as a “feel good” sort of place, even though the Toronto think tank, named after a long-serving Liberal cabinet minister, is officially about improving the standard of living of Canadians. But the sober-minded institute released a new discussion paper today with the intriguing title: Canada’s Demographic Challenge: A Population Growing “Younger” The quotation marks around that key word are a tip-off, but isn’t it a nice illusion to indulge, even for a moment? Baby boomers don’t like aging, and here’s a respected, serious policy-advising group telling them that they aren’t. In fact, the Howe “E-Brief” simply looks at the whole ... Read More »

SPIN: urban farming for fun and profit

A presentation at Ryerson University a few years ago on the subject of urban agriculture began with a couple of provocative questions: are locavores for real? Is the flurry of interest in locally grown, locally raised and locally processed (food) just a passing fad? There are no simple answers to those questions, but the fact that Ryerson is one of many institutions of higher learning that now offer courses in urban agriculture says something about the non-fad nature of interest in urban farming. As the course description puts it, there is “increasing interest” in examining the benefits of urban farming and its potential contribution to urban life. One of those ... Read More »

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