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Saturday , 25 March 2017

Monthly Archives: July 2013

Electric cement could change winter forever

We could be one step closer to a winter of snow-free sidewalks, roads, airport runways, bridges, and a whole lot more, thanks to some exciting work being done by nanofibre researchers at a Spanish university. They have created a cement that conducts electricity, a breakthrough that opens up a whole range of possible new applications for surface heating and ice prevention. The “cementitious material” was developed at the University of Alicante by incorporating carbon nanofibres in the composition of the cement, carbon being a conductor of electricity. The technology, says a statement from the university, allows the cement to heat as electrical current passes through it. The researchers say that ... Read More »

Free iPhone app for realtors helps manage leads, track existing clients

Realtors know that proactively managing your clients is important to stay ahead in today’s business world. To be at the top of the pack in the industry you must have a good relationship with your current and potential clients. This way of thinking is what sparked Queens and Western University students, Justin Ritchie and Peter Antoniou to create SnapLead, a smartphone application available on the iPhone and soon, the iPad. With SnapLead Realtors can efficiently manage leads in order to ensure a good relationship with clients. SnapLead helps you remain productive while you’re on the go. “One of the biggest complaints we’ve received during our research from people using other ... Read More »

Could you get a mortgage? Calculate your debt to income ratio to find out.

Getting debt under control is a bit like getting anything else under control: you have to admit that there’s a problem before you can solve it. And how does one know whether or not one has a debt problem? Don’t rely on carping family and friends to tell you that you spend too much. Don’t even take the irrefutable evidence of a string of bounced cheques or missed bill payments as the painful proof that you are not in control of your fiduciary universe. Instead, get an impartial, cold-as-an-accountant’s-heart reading of your financial situation. In short, calculate your debt to income ratio, or DTI as the experts call it. This ... Read More »

A Detroit house for the price of a pair of shoes, but a good investment?

It is said that opportunity often comes disguised as misfortune. If that is true, then Detroit must be a land of opportunity unlike most. And in fact, some savvy Detroiters are proving it is so. A woman from the beleaguered city next door to Windsor said, in a Bloomberg Businessweek article recently (before the bankruptcy, mind you) that Detroit was “the hottest thing happening.” The woman had bought and sold 332 homes in the past two years! The average price? Just $2,500. “No place else can I buy a house for $1,000 and put in $3,000 to fix it up and get a 40 per cent return on my investment ... Read More »

BMW unveils electric car for tomorrow in New York City

Calling it an “automobile for tomorrow” and the beginning of a new era of sustainable mobility, BMW unveiled its all-new, lightweight, four-seat, all-electric car, the i3, a car that “opens a new chapter” of design language, tailor-made for electric vehicles. The chairman of BMW, Dr. Norbert Reitholer, waxed rhapsodic in introducing the car to his New York audience, comparing it to the mobile phone. “What the mobile phone did for communication, electric mobility will do for individual mobility,” he said, adding that the i3 is more than a mere evolutionary step in the development of electric cars, but rather a “great leap forward.” (Pace, Mao Tse Tung) A sportier version, the ... Read More »

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